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The Ultimate Trip

I had a mind boggling day yesterday. Mary had scheduled a Podcast with Dan Richter and I called Gary Lockwood to tell him Dan would be here. Dan got to our studio first and Gary soon after.

Before Gary arrived we asked Dan if he’d like to wear his Moonwatcher mask and he agreed. For me this was one of those moments so amazing in my life. This would be the first time in over 50 years he would wear the mask again.

Gary showed up afterwards and we did the Podcast. What followed afterwards was many stories about my hero Kubrick and how grateful these two men were to have worked and been friend let alone the opportunity to work on the greatest movie ever made. They talked like two fans of the film. We all geeked out together about 2001.

Gary has been to SNG many times over the last 6 years but it was Dan’s first time. It was great to see them both hug when Gary arrived. It was a nice reunion.

After Dan left, Mary, myself and Gary went to dinner and we shared our Hollywood stories about the great men and women we had worked with and were friends with over the years.

I could go on at length about this. No film or director ever had more effect on my life that 2001: a space odyssey. To have had the fortune to meet and became friends with two people that added to my continuing journey of a great work of art they themselves made possible with their incredible genius and creativity is far beyond anything I thought would happen to me when I sat in the movie theatre in 1968. I was 16th and I was changed forever.

I will be writing a story about this day soon to be encapsulate the experience. Thank you so much Dan and Gary!


Space Station Progress


Wire cutting a Glider Fuselage

I blocked out the foam with a profile and template locations 1-23.

Went to start cutting the profile right and left halves on the band saw only to find that my band saw didn’t have the clearance to cut 4 inch foam by a quarter of an inch. Now what? I considered going and buying and new larger band saw when I stepped outside in the back of my shop and saw that my neighbor’s bay doors to his shop were open and staring at me was this huge old bandsaw. I spent the next 2 hours there and cut the profiles and the cross sections.

I had a lot of foam left over so I took and piece and using the two formers I had cut already (F10-F11) and made a test cut freehand with the smaller bow I made using the old battery charger on 6 volts. I haven’t done this in years so I didn’t want to waste a actual section. The cut came out pretty clean and I was pleased.

Dug out my old “Feather Cut Bow” (remember those for cutting wing cores?) and will be stringing it up for better cuts on larger sections and wing core sections.

This was fun to do and it all came back to me. No matter what I will be using lite spackle on the foam to smooth over the areas were the bow hung up. After that I can glass it with 4oz and epoxy. 

I was thinking of using two layers of soft 4oz cloth but then again I have the strength of the foam so 1 layer may be enough and as always I want to keep the weight down. I’ll know after I get the first layer on because I’ll be able to see how strong it is. I can always add another layer.

The templates worked out well. The wire traveled well over the CA hardened edges. Tomorrow I’m going to cut more templates and more foam sections. Bit by bit I’ll have the shape of the fuse.


40 years later…Laserblast

I have built two guns this year. One is mine and the other for a client that just had to have one because it was a childhood favorite. I never thought I’d see the gun again let alone see two at the same time after 40 years.


SNG Weekly – Episode 12


The Video Question


We will not be putting up the former videos that were taken down.  It takes approximately 4 hours for us to upload them to Daily Motion at which time our internet is not available to use at the studio for anything else. We may have gotten less than a dozen requests to put them back up on YouTube, which we cannot, and no one wants to pay to see them on Daily Motion.    If you request a DVD of something specific, you can email us and we will sell you the subject on a DVD.

It saddens us that we can’t afford to take the time and resources to do this. Our focus right now is to keep SNG Studio alive. Just like Mr. Pancake, we have rent and utilities to pay. We are also people and we have all the bills everyone else has. We work for a living. The Studio work is what we do. Notice the lack of a “Donation” button on any of our sites. We want to work, just as you sing for your supper. Thank you for your continued support. Thanks for watching.

~ Steve Neill and Mary Cacciapaglia – SNG Studio & Gallery ∞.


SNG Daily 8-1-14

What a week. Do done and on its way to China. The Sixth Finger Mask done and shipped. Skydiver getting there. Lots of painting and blending left to do still. Perks for our movie backers are started. Martian started for our movie. All good stuff.
Next week I should have the paint job done on the Skydiver and the sculpture done on the Marian. This weekend more work on the story boards for “Martians Attack SNG.”
Tomorrow at the studio we will be casting Tammy Klein’s ears and Glenn Campbell’s. That’s right Glenn wants to be a Vulcan too. And thanks Glenn for offering to help us on Martians Attack SNG with effects. Glenn is a visual effects wizard and legend. Tammy has offered to help with sound effects. Thanks so much both of you.
Here are some pictures of the day. The Skydiver is still very rough and just getting its colors in place. Lots to do still.












June 2020

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