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Big Girl

Canopy buck is roughed out. I won’t do more to it until I glass and fine tune the fuse. Next up is the vertical tail, glass the inside of the fuse after I hog out and smooth the inside of the cockpit. Man for me, this is a big girl.


Progress still…

Being stuck in after effects hell for days now working on this movie hasn’t allowed me much time for my build.

Today I managed a whole hour and a half and started framing up the canopy form. The idea here is to make the form before I glass the fuse. The form will match the size of the unglassed fuselage. Once I pull the canopy on the vacuum form machine it will match the fuse once glassed because I’ll being pulling over the form 030 PETG,.

Hard to put into exact words but I have done this before and it works.

The form here will have blue foam added tomorrow and the foam will be sanded to form, glassed, putty, primer and then I’ll make a mold. From the mold I’ll make a Ultracal 30 casting to vacuum form over.

Got my epoxy today. “The stuff dreams are made of” 


Wire cutting a Glider Fuselage

I blocked out the foam with a profile and template locations 1-23.

Went to start cutting the profile right and left halves on the band saw only to find that my band saw didn’t have the clearance to cut 4 inch foam by a quarter of an inch. Now what? I considered going and buying and new larger band saw when I stepped outside in the back of my shop and saw that my neighbor’s bay doors to his shop were open and staring at me was this huge old bandsaw. I spent the next 2 hours there and cut the profiles and the cross sections.

I had a lot of foam left over so I took and piece and using the two formers I had cut already (F10-F11) and made a test cut freehand with the smaller bow I made using the old battery charger on 6 volts. I haven’t done this in years so I didn’t want to waste a actual section. The cut came out pretty clean and I was pleased.

Dug out my old “Feather Cut Bow” (remember those for cutting wing cores?) and will be stringing it up for better cuts on larger sections and wing core sections.

This was fun to do and it all came back to me. No matter what I will be using lite spackle on the foam to smooth over the areas were the bow hung up. After that I can glass it with 4oz and epoxy. 

I was thinking of using two layers of soft 4oz cloth but then again I have the strength of the foam so 1 layer may be enough and as always I want to keep the weight down. I’ll know after I get the first layer on because I’ll be able to see how strong it is. I can always add another layer.

The templates worked out well. The wire traveled well over the CA hardened edges. Tomorrow I’m going to cut more templates and more foam sections. Bit by bit I’ll have the shape of the fuse.

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