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What I’m doing now and why

It’s been awhile since I have written much here. This has been mainly due to my lack of interest in social media and current events.

Without getting too political or at least trying not too I couldn’t be more disappointed in the human race. Those of you that use your common sense don’t need me to tell you exactly what I’m referring too but as one example, I have observed that for all the Star Trek fans I have encountered you’d think they’d had listened to Gene Roddenberry’s message. But they don’t.

As a race, the human race, we all came together, stopped being nationalists, stopped war among ourselves, and became a global brotherhood that reached to the Stars. That was and is his message. One I concur with.

I made a film and book about my life experience and the amazing things that happened to me and it went without as much as a whisper. Very few wanted to see a film “about that stuff” that was honest, on the level and truthful. They wanted sensationalist entertainment. They wouldn’t even watch it for free.

I spent 2 years of my life working on the film and in my opinion we made a good film, one that many who have had this experience with the unknown praised the film for.

But the rest, in fact the entire so called “UFO Community” turned their backs because I didn’t give them what they expected and dared to be forthright. We dared to break outside of their little paradigm of fantasy and to say they are not aliens, “But Something is There.”

The trolls on Facebook and the other social media sites and even YouTube just so disappointed me I didn’t need it in my life anymore. As it was after coming forward about my experience with the paranormal it cleared out my facebook page into salience.

This was robbing me of precious time better spent doing the things I love such as spending more time with my family, writing, painting, sculpting, and my hobby (I love the most) of model flight.

Recently I have been building larger and larger planes, Sailplanes to be exact. I got rid of the “War Birds” and jets. I guess I’m just tired of violence and war and the planes remind me of it.

Something snapped in me and I wanted to soar the skies in silence. No more loud motors breaking the silence of the sky. I wanted that Zen that only soaring can deliver. Maybe it was the expression I stumbled over, “If flying was the language of man, soaring would be its poetry”.

I started with the scratch built Aquila and it was love at first site when I flew her the first time. But it didn’t stop there. I built larger models. The bigger they are the better they fly.

profile background

I’ve started getting into aerotowing which is how we fly the larger planes. Like their full size counter parts they are towed to altitude by the tugs, once released we catch thermals and climb and fly sometime for hours before landing.

IMG_5506 (1)

I’ve also taken up freeflight modeling again. There’s just something building a stick and tissue model that’s so relaxing. And the payoff is going to a peaceful grassy field in the country, winding the rubber band engine and letting it go into the sky.


They fly on their own without the aid of sophisticated technology. It was the way actual full sized airplanes were born. That jet you fly in to go see your family or visit other parts of the world all started with that little model and would have never existed without it, not to mention the pilot flying it or the engineers that designed it. It all started with model flight.

Although I’m still doing client builds of models, some visual effects for clients my real interests are purely selfish. I’m 66 years old not 26. There’s so much art still I want to do and the odd short film and or documentary. In fact I’m starting on a doc about my hobby.

I’m currently working on art and sculpture for my first art show later next year. I’m writing my life’s story that includes my career.

Time moves quickly and I need to use every moment wisely and social media, self promotion and making videos about life at the studio isn’t using my time wisely. The views were low, I was lucky if I got 300 views and I was never in it for the money anyway which is why I never monetized.

So as always I will post work I have done here and talk about it. Out of all the so called friends on Face Book and other sights few have come over to the blog and that’s fine. But it does speak volumes.

I’ve posted a couple of videos that really share with you the beauty of my hobby and why it’s so important to me. I hope that you can appreciate and enjoy them as much as I do.

This video is beautifully done and explains visually what a tug is and how these sailplanes fly.

Be sure to watch the flight at the end of the above video. It’s why I like this hobby so much.

May 2021

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