Got to work on the Iron Giant a bit more today.

Working out any of this geometry without the aid of plans or a good 3 view has been challenging to say the very least. Best you can do is guess , fit and compare and then mirror the opposite side after many test fits. Slowly but surely things start to make sense even though they can be a bit off only I will see it and I have learned to live with that after all these years.

Making the 6 inch Enterprise was child’s play by comparison. I had the best plans for that. And Doug Drexler. Really. But what’s a project or life for that matter without a great challenge?

So getting the inset in the chest and neck area has been a bear but finally it’s falling into place. Lucky for me the rest of the body-legs-arms- waist are a breeze. The head was too but the chest or torso has been a hard one.

I also got my decal sheet for the B-29 with her new Lady Luck nose art. The small minion was my dear friend Dave Welch avatar. It is going to be placed on my Skip Jack and Seaview as both boats have his water tight compartments he built for me.




May 2021

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