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Bare with me…

Although it may appear that all I do is work on airplanes that’s not the case. I’m working on many artistic projects in the background that I can’t show you. Some you wouldn’t even be interested in because it’s not a “Star Ship”.

I’m doing many paintings and sculpture for my art show. In addition to that I’m working on the computer creating a “Virtual Reality Experience” for the same art show.

The art show is about what you would call aliens and UFOs. I call it the unknown as it remains that way, another less than interesting subject to people that have followed me a long time for my plastic science fiction model making. But a subject many take seriously as I do that don’t think much of a 66 inch Star Trek model as hard is that is to believe.

Once I have finished the art show, and my new book on my career and life I will get back to finishing the Iron Giant. And I do have some models I want to build for myself, Star Trek and Sci-Fi, so don’t lose hope.

And yes Felix some Laser Blast props you asked about my dear friend.

We have had the studio for 6 years now. I have done so many models that are static, films, videos and art projects that it has left abandoned my cherished and sacred hobby of model airplanes. At age 67 now, most of my friends are retired and spend more time with their hobbies and interests have always loved. It’s time I started doing the same as I can’t and won’t live forever.

So bare with me while I build a few models that actually fly. And if it interests you try it yourself. The first time you launch your creation and watch it soar the skies in beauty you will know a true reward for your efforts to build such a model.


Models, models, models

Still writing my book but between the lines I have been making progress on my various model projects. All functional models. I go tired of building models that just sit there and blink.

So the DCP models DVIII 16 inch span model is getting there. Almost done except for more painted on markings.

What I did is to make stencils, inside and outside white first and then the black for the crosses. Worked well took some trial and error. I used an airbrush to paint.

I got the wing glued on and the tails, She’s squared up and true and I even got a test glide in the studio bay area which is quite large.

I took a run and a bit of a lunch and too my surprise she got ahead of me and glides nice and level. I had to run fast and catch up with it before it struck a wall. So she flies.

Without rubber 19 grams.

Without rubber George Bredehoft the CG is perfect. go figure. And that’s with the temporary plastic prop. Not the balsa Superior prop.

Also the 1/32 scratch built Bugeye Sprite is coming along well and the twin engine Breda 88 which is a super hard and involved build.


DVIII progress

I’m getting pretty far along now on this build. The tissue is yellow but once it was doped it was too transparent for my tastes.

I masked it and airbrushed the black stripes but they just looked too clean. In fact the whole plane looked like a new car.

Being a long time model builder for movies I just had to do some hand painting and streaking. I plan to weather it a bit more to looked used in battle wheary.

I still need to either make a prop that looks scale like or order something from George in balsa. I’ve never made my own prop yet but I’m tempted. It takes a 6 inch prop with a recommended 5 degrees of pitch.

I still have to make the machine guns to. But I really happy with this kit and the way it’s looking.


The latest stuff

I have been working on a commercial-demo reel that covers so much of the work I have done in the past right up to present day that I can’t fit it all into a minute and a half. Peoples attention span is so short these days they can barely sit still for that.

It is an attempt to bring projects into SNG Studio. We are very much open for business and can do almost everything anyone would need when it comes to the creative. I don’t think I need to list it although the commercial will.

Still writing my next book on my career and at times strange life with what many describe as the “paranormal”. There’s nothing paranormal about time we will one day come to know. 😉

Still working on the art show that will happen later this year. Lots of painting on canvas and sculpting going on there I can’t show you now.

Still building slot cars from scratch and I plan more of that. And last but not least the all important airplanes.

We are working hard to get a local squadron built and involve the local community in model aviation.

Here are some pictures of the current rather elaborate build of a rubber powered model plane. The Breda 88 has really been an interesting and challenging build. I only get to put in an hour to an hour and a half daily so it’s a slow go.

This larger model a is twin engine and designed to be ultra light as you can tell by the construction. At a 34 inch span this model will weight in under 6 oz. once covered.

It is very delicate and easily broken during construction. Once it’s covered they are pretty strong.


Oliver Reed and me

My old buddy Rick Stratton took this picture the day he helped me make a life mask of Oliver. It was for a film called “Dr. Heckle and Mr. Hype” I did an involved makeup on him that turned him into Dr. Heckle who was a disfigured monster looking doctor who was a nice guy but when he took his formula he turned in to a handsome and debonair monster.

It was an amazing experience for me. Oliver was a real hoot and we became friends on the production. He took me out to raise trouble in the town every night and gave me one hell of a birthday to remember.

He was a good guy, not the way the media portrayed him. I still miss him and so appreciated the time I spent with him chasing girls, getting drunk and having an all around great time. I was 28 years old.

I’m writing all about this and the wild nights we had in my new book about my life and career. Thanks to Rick Stratton for digging this up!


Ventura Model Avaitors Squadron

We have a new website that’s lots of fun and if you always thought rubber band powered airplanes were boring think again:

Ventura Model Aviators Triplane Insignia with Fish And Chips Squadron Patch

Just click on our logo and you are there.


Breda 88 is a Wow build!

A bit more progress today on the Keith Sterner kitted Breda 88. Started the wings and got one panel built. A bit tricky and I will use the suggested 1/16 sq. pegs to better support the ribs.

Next week I’ll get the other panel built and the wings connected before I can finish the fuse. It’s going very well.

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