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Adam’s new toy

Aug 21 at 7:35amAdam’s New Toy

I made this up for Adam a while ago and my friend Dr. Chris Landon drove it up there and hand delivered it to Adam. I noticed on Twitter he was using it on his Podcasts.


CB Model Designs Boomer P30 class

CB Model Designs Boomer Build

By now we are getting a lot of pages on the site because I build a lot of planes and document them. Main reason I take the time to do this is to promote the hobby, create business for my friends in the hobby cottage industry and share with other builders the knowledge I gained from my builds. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve set out to do a build only to be helped in that endeavor by an article or building thread on Hip Pocket Aviators. Or the FAC. 

My latest interest is P-30 class free flight. These are 30 inch span models built in a variety of configurations.

After seeing the planes fly with the Grassy Knoll Club last week it became apparent to be the models flew and survived landing the best. High wings with no undercarriage did the best. These planes are functional in design to get the most out of pure flying both in endurance and altitude.

As much as I love scale, for pure flying fun and excellence you couldn’t beat my Volare Products Wanderer.

I started looking into P-30. Although the Wander is a P-30 type of platform it’s doesn’t meet the criteria for contest flying at a 36 inch span and weight.

I set out on the net for research into the P-30. I found lots of kits and planes long since discontinued. I wanted the boom design not a stick and tissue fuselage. They look great and have less drag and a built in blast shield. Wind and go!

I finally found Clint Brooks of CB Model Designs and he had exactly what I wanted. Not only that the kit is beautiful and turnkey. The tubular balsa fuse is pre-assembled and the pylon for the wing already added and drill out to fit the duel wing and tail dethermalizer.

The kit includes the DT and all hardware and prop. A lot of value for 108 dollars.

Nose block is done for you right out of the box.
preassembled wing pylon
In Flight she’s a beauty. 
Finished model on the CB Model Designs website

I ordered one and started a dialogue with Clint the owner-designer and he’s terrific.

So I’ll start building as soon as the kit gets here. That should be this week and this will be a priority build as this plane will be entered in contest and be flown often! I’m excited.


Fokker DVII build-RC this time

I have always loved WW1 airplane designs. My two favorite are the DVII and the Razor of DVIII. I have both planes as kits. The DVII is getting built first. Although designed for free flight I have added RC gear. The DVIII is a stick and tissue too but designed by the great Peter Rake for RC.

Here’s a few pictures of the DVII so far.


Sky Voyager Model B


I was on J&H aerospace website:

When I saw this little beauty.

The plane just flew out of the box as is apparent in Josh’s videos.

The prop and mechanism is amazingly well design. In fact the whole airplane is.

I ordered one from his page:

P1B-1 Sky Voyager Model B

Here’s some pictures of the kit. I got it in three days.

It took me all of 30 minutes to build and the first time I tossed it it travel flat and level for a great unexpected distance that I wasn’t prepared for. It turned into the street to my horror but then turned back and landed on the small strip of grass in front of my studio.

These are great for beginners and veterans alike. Get on you won’t be sorry. I getting a second one soon.


Thanks Adam

Scroll to 35:00 roughly. Thanks Adam! As always.


Sinbad flies

Sinbad flies!!!!

Remember when I was building this? This plane was built from a short kit. 93 inch span version of a 1940’s design free flight glider. Today was the maiden flight. Unfortunately the lift was low and the wind speed slow but I was still able to test for glide, trim the plane and adstamblish I have a good flying glider which she is. She ready for the slope now.


Airplanes, airplanes, airplanes

Yes in the background the fleet goes. I am building a Fokker DVII, DVIII, I have already built the Riser Glider which flew beautifully the first time out.

On the list is a BF-109, Japanese Judy and coming this Saturday I bought one of my own commercial kits I designed 10 years ago I found for sale. I bought it because I no longer own the molds. It’s a composite ME P. 1101, glass fuselage foam core balsa sheeted wings. This is a jet designed by the Germans at the end of WW2. As a EDF electric jet it flew beautifully. I plan to turn it into a slope soarer.

There’s more but from time to time I will post the builds here if it does bore some of you that is. 

The bones of the construction

Covered and motored up.

My Sig Riser 2 meter span. A 70’s design. I like the older designs they have charm. Not to mention how well they fly. This was a 50 dollar all wood kit you have to build. You just don’t buy this all done for you as an ARF from China. This was built they way we did things in the before time and I much prefer it. 

2 channels, elevator and rudder. Two servos, one onboard battery and receiver. She flies on the lift of the slope, thermals or at the dunes by my house. 

The kit. I amazed you can still get these in this all ARF foam insta planes. Some of us still like to build.

The bones before covering. 

Bottom line is with this hobby and it has always been, fun. Not only do you build a beautiful model but when it flies it is the reward for your efforts. It does something more than sit on a shelf. It will continually bring you joy everytime you fly it.

My 18 inch span free flight DVIII will maiden this Sunday.

24 inch span free flight  American Eaglet will also get it’s first flight on Sunday.

And a test fly of my large free flight Wanderer also on Sunday.

More to come. 

If you want a model hobby that’s fun to build, gets you outdoors (or indoors) and has a lot of social comradery this is it. And this is something I would hope your grandchildren or children would appreciate besides electronic devices and social media. Nothing better for me then getting out under the skies with friends and flying our creations in the skies.

Happy landings,


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