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Butterflies are Free

I have left behind Face book and almost all forums and social media with the exception of my three blogs. The noise level just got to be too much. The level of stupidity, ignorance, arrogance, the endless hate, feuds is something that brings my spirit down and that’s something I won’t allow.

It is obvious to me that the human race is on the edge of some kind of reckoning and as it gets closer the noise level is increasing. Even driving on the freeways is an act of hate, and disrespect to innocent people. I have never seen in all my 50 years of driving seen such bad, mean dangerous driving and it gets worse every time I go out. If I didn’t drive defensively and watch my mirrors 360 at all times I’d be long dead. Thank the universe I’m smarter than they are.

But the same attitude floods religion, politics, and social media. I’m so tired of bullies.

Some of us just want to live peaceful, creative and intelligent lives. We don’t want to die or devote our lives to countries, flags or gods. We just want to love our families and friends. Love is the key word. To go in peace and love not to be caught up in bullshit of those very things I just listed. It’s a choice and a damn good one.

So I’m flying low under the radar of the hive of fools and creating my own reality. My friend Adam Savage meant what he said in his immortal words, “I reject your reality and substitute my own”, very wise words from a very wise man. It’s as real as anything else you can create.

Mary is reading me a book right now I highly recommend. It’s called “ButterFlies Are Free”. I would suggest to anyone that scoffs at the idea that time, space, and reality is flexible and not bound to any one perception of reality that they should read this science fact based study of reality first. Because little of what you may think is solid and real is. Not in the traditionally excepted but dated concept many if not most live by and have since the days public executions, but what science has learned about our alleged reality that for the most part 98 % of the population is completely unaware of.

When I first read Fred Alan Wolf’s Quantum Physics for Dummies in 1981 he was laughed at and so was I when I tried to tell people about it. Much the same as they did to Galileo when his telescope revealed we were wrong about the structure of the solar system. We weren’t the center of the universe. Oh what a shame.

Who’s laughing now?  Well not me. To me it’s just sad and when I was on face book if I posted what I’m writing now I’d be stoned to death, before you through the first stone at me research first. You might just learn that things are different than when you last checked.



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