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Still so much fraking work to do still


Up to Episode 39

Of the “Big E Story” and since I pay for my account you can download the videos. The more of us that have them saved the longer they will last.

This is my Vimeo home page:


What ever


My First love Hobby

Always since I can remember I have had a love affair with the airplane. I’m not a fan of drones which have nearly destroyed the RC model airplane hobby, and as a result many of us who actually build our models from scratch or wooden kits have moved back to the roots of this hobby. Rubber powered free flight models.

This branch of the hobby escapes the ridiculous new federal laws classifying our model planes as drones and putting restrictions on where and when we can fly not to mention the altitude restriction of 400 ft.

Any unmanned flying model according to our idiot government is a drone and if it exceeds one half pound you have to join the FAA, get registration numbers that are place on the outside of the plane and so on and on.

Our free flight “Model Airplane Models” under one half pound in most cases, they fly silent, self flying with no tech other than a rubber motor and a lot of personal skill and craftsmanship to build and fly it. I have found this hobby more challenging by far than RC airplane flying.

I created this website and local “Flying Aces” squadron website for your pleasure.

Ventura Model Aviators Triplane Insignia with Fish And Chips Squadron Patch

More much to do still


100s of little parts

May 22 at 6:40am100s of little parts and help from beyond

Thank you Mr. Eliot Brown for the generous help in a large packages of Styrene sheets! Things have never been possible ever with nearly all my builds without your help!

So I have been  Cutting! Cutting! Cutting! (where would I be without the constant referrals to the greatest comedy group of them all) small little plastic parts and glueing them on at the point of nauseum.

Seems the guys in the space suits have been busy assembling the second wheel. Making it parallel to the first wheel isn’t as ease as one might think. Between the always warped and not entirely straight PVC, gravity and weight shift and load distribution it has be a virtual nightmare. But somehow through tedious tweaking I have managed within acceptable tolerances. 

If I had to do this again I would have…should have built a metal armature that included a steel hub and spokes. Live and learn. This is just a huge hunk of plastic and at this size forces can be cruel.


For Your Information

For your information

First thank you for all the follows on this blog-website. In fact it is a website. It has multiple pages and will have one for each story.

This page is the blog part of the site. You will notice at the top there is a menu and next to contact is “The Park” which is the first story. Just click on it and you can read “The Park”.

Although the story is fiction I have more than once visited “The Park”. It is a very real place for me. I know others that have been there too. If it is only imaginary then it’s a place many of us have created from our imaginations. But once created like all things it is now part of our reality.

I am currently writing the second and have 3 more planned. “Ghost Squadron”, “Foo Fighters” and “In My Life”. In my life will go into production to be shot as a short film starting in July.

Thank you again for your interest.

May 2019

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