5 more Big E Story Videos

Feel free to download them. Unlike the sleesy You tube my paid account on Vimeo allows you to download the video. These should never be lost again.

4 Responses to “5 more Big E Story Videos”

  1. 1 evil_genius_180
    April 25, 2019 at 4:32 pm

    Man, I’m loving watching these. Thanks again for reposting them. YouTube is terrible, Vimeo is definitely a much classier operation. I’ve completely deleted my YouTube account, though I do still have a Google account, unfortunately. But, I have an Android phone, so there’s no really getting around that. (I had an Apple phone, I didn’t really care for it)

    It’s funny, on part 6, I was admiring that circle that you cut in your table freehand with a jigsaw. Then you’re like “I’d like it better if it was more perfect.” 😀 I was thinking; That’s a lot better than I could do freehand.

  2. 3 Greg
    April 26, 2019 at 9:04 am

    And after all this time I’m just about done with mine. I only had to repair it three times when it fell and did damage. The damages, especially last one, was more of a blessing because now the back shuttle area is much more sturdy and rock solid.

    I made a major mistake in the very beginning. I had no idea the studio prop wasn’t finished on the port side, so I fashioned it to have the electronics boards, which I designed and built, to be housed right behind the deflector. I didn’t notice that the angle wouldn’t allow it to be removed until I started working on it. That meant the boards had to go elsewhere, but all the solder terminals are right there in front.

    So, I finally got everything moved around and put together and prepared to put the top on the dish. I made one last check on all the nacelle lighting. Then it happened. One one side the lights quit, and that’s where it stands now. I couldn’t get the pylons to work if they were removable so they are cemented in now, which makes wiring changes difficult. I tried and tried to fish wire up through the pipe and through the tee to no avail. I did fix the wiring to some extent but I don’t trust it for the long term and it’s better to replace it. What I’ll have to do is take the entire ship and lay it on its top, somehow, pull out the pipe, and then fish the wire through the elbow itself. Since the plywood takes up most of the elbow opening there isn’t much space to deal with. The biggest problem is I don’t have anyone around to help with it and I’m deathly worried about dropping it when setting it on its top.

    It’s taken more time than usual not only for all those problems but setting up shop for all the electronics. I decided to include actual laser also and that took quite a bit of time, but they are strong enough to burn wood. At first everything was designed to work at 12v but the lasers can’t exceed 9v, which means I may have to build some regulators. Steve once showed the switches for the captain’s chair and found some of those originals and bought every one they had. The control panel will mimic, somewhat, those switch panels.

  3. 4 Greg
    April 26, 2019 at 6:31 pm

    Watching the re-runs on Vimeo, and rather nostalgic. It’s STILL enjoyable to watch.

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