Breda 88 update

Breda 88. Kit by Keith Sterner. Designed by Chris Starleaf. It’s a twin. This has been all covered before but all too often I get asked these questions.

Day 12 on the build. I recovered from last weeks mistake of finishing off the fuse and wing saddles before I tried fitting the wing. Needless to say there were a lot of expensive noises and snaps.

I removed the upper saddles and the structure and made new saddles. I fitted the wing and then fitted the saddles. The result was a happy time with a wing that enters the saddles and seats well inside the fuse.

Next I had to take apart the left hand horizontal tail because as it turned out, due to distraction I built two right panels. Annoying at best but now I have a left and a right.

I just started to work on the nacelles which at first were a bit baffling but I sorted it out and now know how they get built. It won’t take me long next Monday to build both.

She’s a real beauty and a delicate build but once she’s covered it will be a strong ship. When you pick it up it feels like it weighs nothing at all.

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