Models, models, models

Still writing my book but between the lines I have been making progress on my various model projects. All functional models. I go tired of building models that just sit there and blink.

So the DCP models DVIII 16 inch span model is getting there. Almost done except for more painted on markings.

What I did is to make stencils, inside and outside white first and then the black for the crosses. Worked well took some trial and error. I used an airbrush to paint.

I got the wing glued on and the tails, She’s squared up and true and I even got a test glide in the studio bay area which is quite large.

I took a run and a bit of a lunch and too my surprise she got ahead of me and glides nice and level. I had to run fast and catch up with it before it struck a wall. So she flies.

Without rubber 19 grams.

Without rubber George Bredehoft the CG is perfect. go figure. And that’s with the temporary plastic prop. Not the balsa Superior prop.

Also the 1/32 scratch built Bugeye Sprite is coming along well and the twin engine Breda 88 which is a super hard and involved build.

2 Responses to “Models, models, models”

  1. 1 Jesse Long
    March 15, 2019 at 11:51 am

    You are so talented. Thanks for the new web site—looks great.

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