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I have been working on a commercial-demo reel that covers so much of the work I have done in the past right up to present day that I can’t fit it all into a minute and a half. Peoples attention span is so short these days they can barely sit still for that.

It is an attempt to bring projects into SNG Studio. We are very much open for business and can do almost everything anyone would need when it comes to the creative. I don’t think I need to list it although the commercial will.

Still writing my next book on my career and at times strange life with what many describe as the “paranormal”. There’s nothing paranormal about time we will one day come to know. 😉

Still working on the art show that will happen later this year. Lots of painting on canvas and sculpting going on there I can’t show you now.

Still building slot cars from scratch and I plan more of that. And last but not least the all important airplanes.

We are working hard to get a local squadron built and involve the local community in model aviation.

Here are some pictures of the current rather elaborate build of a rubber powered model plane. The Breda 88 has really been an interesting and challenging build. I only get to put in an hour to an hour and a half daily so it’s a slow go.

This larger model a is twin engine and designed to be ultra light as you can tell by the construction. At a 34 inch span this model will weight in under 6 oz. once covered.

It is very delicate and easily broken during construction. Once it’s covered they are pretty strong.

February 2019

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