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Fokker DVIII build

I have always loved the WW1 airplane designs. There just something about them. The history, the simple design and the era.

One of my favorites was the DVIII or Fokker D-9.

When I discovered this site: I was amazed at all the WW1 free flight model airplane kits they had to offer. I wrote to Dave Cowell and he responded quickly to my inquiry about getting his 16 inch span D-9. He told me he would be glad to make me up a kit and send it along.

I ordered the kit on Monday and it arrived on thursday. When I got the kit I was pleased. It was obvious on first sight that a lot of love and care went into developing the kit. The attention to details is superb. There is nothing like a kit made by a builder for builders.

It came with a parts identification sheet, two sheets of plans, and excellent selection of wood and a CD that covers every single aspect of free flight modeling from construction to the science behind it. It is a huge library of articles, pictures, calculators for the physics flight and more. Not to mention
LozengeĀ camouflage image files.

Today I started building I could wait. In about 5 hours or less I had the fuselage framed up and the cowl built. I was so much fun to build and I can’t wait to do more tomorrow. The fuse came out quite straight and true. No banna fuselage on this build.

Here are some pictures of the build so far and I will make a video of the plane flying when done.

If you have ever wanted to build a WW1 model airplane you need to check out DCP models Aero Werkes they are just excellent.

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