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Wakefield update

Steve Neill

38 mins

Now that I’m done with the movie job I had from hell I am free to build away. Got back to the Wakefield and started covering. I found that the tissue included is Silkspan.

I don’t know if it came with the kit or was added by the original owner. Even though the kit was still in it’s shrink rap it might have been resealed by my LHS because there were a few things missing from the kit and that’s not like Easy Built models to do.

I had never used it before but I sure did like it. It goes on easy and tightens up real smooth.

I’m excited to see this model come together it’s a real gem. But aren’t they all.


Between the lines

I have been working on this model. I say between the lines because I have been working on these 18 hard CGI and AF VFX shots for a movie for weeks now and it never seems to end. But I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel and quite expect I’ll be finished at long last next week! Then back to all things SNG.

I started in on the wing. Got the center section laid up. Tomorrow the tips. With this older Wakefield kit you have to cut the parts out yourself. Easy though and goes together quick. I should get to tissue next week.

Only real question I have is about the motor rubber. When I wind it up about 400 turns it winds down slow and takes a long time to unwind. Should I being using a wider contest rubber? Turns out about 30 strands of 1/16 contest rubber should do the trick.


Wakefield update

It’s just so amazing building a model plane from the late 30’s. There wasn’t radio control and all the electronics we have today. These designers had to figure ingenious ways to get a rubber band powered model to fly and fly well.

Like this folding propeller that slowly wines down and as it does the spring allows it to come forward until it stops hitting a screw. The prop stops turning and folds back to reduce drag. The plane then becomes a glider and at a couple of hundred feet or more can keep flying on lift from thermals and updrafts up to 28 minutes or more.

Still lots to do. build the wing and finish off the fuselage but it’s going well.


Singsby Prefect Update

A painting more painting done. Next up the cockpit details.


A Bit more progress on the Wakefield

More progress on the Wakefield. Got the horizontal tail made to today. Including cutting the parts out it took about an hour. The parts are so deeply printed the knife follows the shape with ease.
Thanks to George Bredehoft for his assistance and supplying the folding wooden prop I have on the way :…
and this:…


More progress on the Wakefield

Got the fuse framed up!


2018 was a great year!

It’s a new year and yes here we go, so many people complaining and saying goodbye to 2018 because it was such a bad year for so many. Or was it?  

It’s all perspective. Yes a lot of bad things happened, they always do. The Universe is a mix of the ying and yang and it always has been. From my perspective it wasn’t a bad year, I choose a focus that encompassed the love of Mary, my family and my two dogs. They are the greatest.

Then there’s my work and creativity, and Mary’s. We love being creative and making things. It gives us such joy we don’t notice much the useless and ridiculous politics that so consumes so many and strips them of their power to create.

In the large scheme politics and the rest hardly matter. The universe doesn’t care. But it seems to respect creation and the souls that do create. It’s the only thing that does change the world.

 If you get absorbed in wars, politics, and religion, your creative energies will be lessened and your focus lost. You lose that power to change the world.

Every time you create something beautiful that moves the soul to joy you just change the world. Everything you create something that adds to the quality of life you change the world.

I’ll  list some the good things that happened this year. We finished “But Something is There”. A great pilot episode for a TV series that took us 2 years to complete. It brought together some many beautiful creative people together and produced a wonderful film I love.

I made all kinds of amazing things and spent wonderful time with Mary and my friends. Nova the puppy entered our life and joy. We were given the gift of a new grandchild.

I flew my planes and made new models. I explored Virtual Reality and created VR experiences. I was even able to put Gary Lockwood into space orbiting the Earth while the Hilton Space Station approached him and he traveled through the station to see the Orion approaching.

And I finally got to meet my amazing friend Adam Savage and see his world of wonder.

I could go on and on with a very large list but from my point of view it was a great year and I look forward to 2019 as I do any new year, it’s another year of life in this grand universe full of wonder. What could be better?

January 2019

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