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So where is all the creatures and starship models?

Good question. Nothing is coming in as of present and our studio has a clean slate.

I am working on a lot of paintings and sculptures for a Steve Neill upcoming art show later this year. I can’t show you the progress because it won’t be revealed until the show somewhere between May and June of this year.

I don’t have any model builds besides the airplane as of present but if something doesn’t come through soon I’ll build something from my stash.

I like models best that actually function. Fly, sail, and or submerge. Slot cars too and I have a few scratch builds planned where I’ll make everything from the body to tires and wheels from scratch.

We also have Mary’s fantastic art and soon paper mache sculpture coming to the mix. Our friend and fellow SNG Studio member Dr. Chris Landon will be creating such art as well.

I plan a full sized grey in paper mache among other things.

You’ll get to see all this stuff in pictures and posts and once in awhile we’ll have a video on the studio and the goings on to entertain you.

That’s the status at SNG. It will be interesting and a mixed bag of making things this year. We at SNG hope you will enjoy it all!


DGA-9 or Darn good airplane

Yes another build but this time it’s super small. It’ peanut scale and these little gems fly very well. Not too easy to build at this size but I have a few planed. I want to try and attend the NATS in Edgar Arizona in May. It’s a huge indoor national free flight invent in the football field dome. So I need a few scale birds by then so here we go.

This plane was from Easy Built models and I also have a Fokker DVIII on the way from that is a real true scale 16 inch span WW1 plane and one of my favorites.

Back to the DGA-9 here are some pictures of the build so far. I just have to comment on the quality and easy build (literally) from this 82 year old company. It’s my 4th built to date and they have all been good.

The plane will look like this when finished although I might pick a different paint scheme.

January 2019

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