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Racing in rFactor

I love racing especially 60’s and earlier formula one. This is a realistic simulator and I use a force feedback wheel which allows you to feel the car even collisions and the road. Soon I’ll be using VR glasses to add to the realism.

I’m looking for other people that have this passion and simulator to race online with. Beats the heck out of shooting each other in War sims. 😉


What’s going on…

What’s going on…

Now that the Defiant is done and gone I have turned my attention to a job we took on a while back, that was to do many tedious After Effects shots and CGI for a low budget feature. It will take up much of my time over the next few weeks. It’s not very fun, hard on the eyes and the pay isn’t stellar either but a job is a job and it’s best to just get it done.

In between the lines I’m building some free flight planes. Why when we have radio controlled fancy drones that can fly themselves? 

Well way back when before the advent of radio control there was free flight, this is how aviation was born. There’s a fascination about free flight because it takes a lot of skill and attention to details in order to successfully allow a model airplane to fly on its own and safely return to Earth without being damaged. Skilled builders were doing this long before the advent of the (IMO) boring drone, quite a nice tool to be used make no doubt, but a tool not a thing of beauty that gracefully flies through the skies as a plane does.

Of course I’m also building the behemoth 1/3rd scale glider. It will have a 20 foot span and will be towed to the now illegal altitude of 800 feet or more before it is released. I say illegal because our illoustrious government and alleged president saw fit to agree with the FAA signing a bill to limit our altitude to 400 ft for radio controlled airplanes. 

This is mostly a result of people not following the rules who fly the ever popular drones. Drones that require little talent or skill to fly(compared to fling a model plane) and they can be bought anywhere and flown by anyone. A real disaster if you ask me.

We fly model airplanes, not to be confused with drones. But our leaders (and the great uneducated public) are confused and we have unfairly been classified as drones. The graphic below makes this clear I would hope.

Let’s see them enforce. In the meantime the AMA is trying to change this ruling for us and in some locations we are allowed to fly over 400 ft. Thank you AMA.

Back to models I don’t have any builds planned as of yet. However if a client job doesn’t come in soon I’ll pull something out of the pit of models I have and build it. The hard part is to decide which model.

Mary and I have some amazing art projects planned as well. Painting, sculpture, masks and more you can bet we will be prolific. 

I will have an art show of sculpture and paintings later next year on the subject of UFO have and the grays. I have already started it but won’t show the art until the show.

I’m also planning to do the occasional news video. And I’m planning a short film next year. Nothing as involved or long as “But Something is There”. BTW we plan to sell the film next year.

In closing I’d like to thank all our loyal supporters and friends for having our backs at SNG. I’m sure this next year will bring some amazing things as always from both Mary and me. Oh and our dear friend Dr. Chris Landon! 

Happy New Year!

December 2018

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