Scratching building a 1/3rd scale Jantar Standard 2 sailplane

I have been looking at a number of possible builds for me. It’s been awhile since I’ve made a fiberglass fuse from scratch but I have done plenty in the past. But rather then make a plug and fiberglass epoxy molds and produce a composite fuse, considering doing something I did once that worked out very well for a one off. I don’t want to make kits anymore, I’ve done that.

What I did was wire cut blue foam using model ply templates both outside and inside of the fuse and glassed it with West Systems epoxy. This has worked out very well in the past with 90mm sized EDF jets. But what I’m planning here has not been done (to my knowledge) for a third scale plane.

I wanted to do a sailplane with a less complex wing then a Duo Discus or ASK 21. The wing for the Jantar can be easily wire cut in white foam, sheeted in balsa and glassed. I’ve done this many times but at 1/3rd scale for the Jantar I would be 195.6 inches and a fuse of 90 inches.

I ask you more experienced 1/3 scale builders, would it be more practical to go with a 1/4 scale build using this style of building or just go for 3rd scale and see how it rides?

It’s a beautiful older design and I really like the looks of the plane. If I do build it at 3rd scale it would be my first.

So far I have found plans that I can clean up and enlarge. A source for blue foam and I have several bows for wire cutting.

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