Sports Car Rally

Last weekend I went on a sports car rally through the hills of Ventura and Simi Valley and down a windy stretch to the Murphy Auto museum.

I drove my restored 1985 300zx and it ran like a top. I stayed on the tail of the Ferrari all the way.

From the museum we went to Ojai and had lunch.

I want to thank Dr. Chris Landon for inviting Mary and I and fro treating us to this lovely event. There were Porsches, and MGB GT, a Ferrari, Viper and a whole bunch more of cool cars in the pack.

Chris Landon is seen driving his 3 wheeled red Morgan.

Mary took the pictures many from inside the Z as we followed the Ferrari and the rest of the pack.

If you like driving there’s nothing like a good 2 seat roadster and the Z is all that.

On the way back we went down the back side of Ojai into Santa Paula at a high rate of speed. I had no one in front of me as I drove through the open country side. The Z took those 35 mph turns at double the speed. It didn’t notice or care. That’s what she was built for.

What a great day.

3 Responses to “Sports Car Rally”

  1. 1 Steve Dix
    October 16, 2018 at 7:57 am

    Lovely Morgan Aero.
    I used to love going on rallies in my Mini or my Striker.

  2. 3 evil_genius_180
    October 16, 2018 at 5:10 pm

    Looks like a good time. 🙂

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