New Model Planes

Finally got my Chopstick from Hong Kong and it was so well packed with care I was amazed. The quality and craftsmanship was outstanding. This is a Discus laughed glider number 2. I can’t wait to start assembly of this great little plane.

The fiberglass epoxy fuse is stunning and hearty. Love the carbon fiber canopy.

In addition to that and some many new upgrades to my electronic equipment for monitoring my batteries and a new servo tester I got this EZIO 1500 mm electric powered glider. I managed to get it together quickly yesterday for a maiden flight this Sunday. I haven’t yet placed som color and markings on it yet but I plan a sunburst pattern.

This plane is all balas wood. No foam anywhere. I prefer a balsa built plane to foam they just fair better over time, are easier to repair and just flat out look better.

This one came from Hobbyking and they are exceptional in quality, packing and prompt delivery. I got this and all the other items I ordered in 3 days flat.

In addition to all that I have been working on the big ass Sinbad. Soon she will take to the skies.


IMG_5178 (1)IMG_5179 (1)IMG_5180IMG_5181IMG_5182IMG_5184IMG_5185



1 Response to “New Model Planes”

  1. 1 Mike Boyd
    October 7, 2018 at 4:24 pm

    Hi Steve, Any chance you could do a video on building one of these gliders? i like the idea of just getting the plans and building one from scratch, but im not sure where to start or how to even print the plans out to size correctly. Thanks for any info!

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