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I’m on a mission from “Bob”

For 4 days and nights in a row with Gary Hughes, Tom Piedmont, and myself. We have been on a mission for Bob Burns who always wanted a Disney TWA Moonliner model since like me he stood at the foot of it.

Out of all the things he owns from the original “Time Machine” to the ship from the original “Day the Earth Stood Still” this ship has a place in his heart like no other and for me too.

Why? Because it was a part of the real “Disneyland”. A real Disneyland that had the Nautilus from “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”. One that was all Walt Disney.

We stood at the foot of that huge rocket and dreamed. Dreamed of a future with real rockets and ship ships that would take us to the stars.

So Scott Alexander sent me a kit and Gary Hughes drove done from Sacramento and Tom from Santa Monica and we built this beautiful model in four days.

Today we are taking this model to Bob’s museum and presenting it to Bob.

We have documented the whole project on video and it ends with the delivery to his home and museum. Stay tuned!



I was in my favorite hobby store Smith Brothers and found this snap kit of the Batmobile. It’s 1/24 scale. The body is prepainted and pin striped and after doing one that wasn’t pre=painted and not being able to get the stripes perfect this is wonderful and a time saver with my busy schedule. Not to mention it was only 25 bucks! The same kit in the raw is 40 bucks.

Anyways (to quote Simon) I have always loved the car and don’t have one except for the hot wheels version. I’m having a ball building it. It’s super clean too! Oh the the figures are pre-painted too.

Just started on it still lots to do but I’m savoring it.



It’s done and next up is the amulet and the makeup prosthetics. Next week we star back to our regular videos and we are building the TWA Moonliner for Bob Burns and that will be fully documented with Gary Hughes and Modelman Tom build with me as a team to make the model in two days and deliver it to Bob at his famous museum.

Here’s some more pictures of the final build. We’ll get that video next week with me hold it and firing the gun.

September 2018

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