Fun stuff

Yesterday I went and visited my old friend Larry Cohen. He’s a film director of many movies over the years. Look him up on google. I worked on 6 of his films.

It was great to see him and he gave me some of my old relics from my past work for him. Although in a poor condition they weren’t too bad for foam rubber effects heads from 40 years ago that were stored in his closet.

In addition to that I have been working on my very large Sinbad radio controlled glider.

My other flying project is an old project I did in 2003. I have in the past scratch built many X-1 models and flown them. The X-1 was the plane Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier with in 1947.

I made several kits of this plane and built and kept one for myself. It was covered in dust and dirt. It was never flown and was just a display model. I have decided to fly it and will be install a motor and servos.

The Mig has been flying and is back on the table for maintenance after it’s last sortie.

All fun stuff.





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