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Social media, reflections, and what I’m building 8-8-18

So I am basically gone from Facebook, Onstellar, and the rest. In all the years of using it for self promotion it as yielded little fruit or lasting friendships I didn’t already have. I didn’t shut down the accounts but rather left them idle with the occasional post about something cool I’m working on. That’s it.

The “But Something is There” Indiegogo campaign I closed down yesterday. It was a joke and people clearly have no interest in a serious truthful show about my experiences with the UFO phenomenon. I found making up tall tales and embellishing the truth (or just plan out lying) sells best.

It will be released to the public for free on September 1st 2018. It’s a good demo reel for our studio and maybe if it gets seen more something more will come from it. One can only hope.

I am moving on to an all CGI animated film as a 40 minute short. I don’t need a crew or backers for that, I can do it all myself with all the computers and software I know how to use.

Above and beyond that I’m building another big glider. Working on the Laserblast gun and finishing the Iron Giant. After that we will be building more cool stuff as always.

In closing I’d like to thank my friend Adam Savage for surprising the heck out of me this week by sending me a replica Jack Aubrey (Master and Commander). Years ago I sent him and Aubrey belt buckle I had made by my dear friend Jim Boyle. 5 years later he sends me the sword. It’s asume and exact replica. A real sword just how they made them in the early 1800’s. I was blown away.




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