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Laserblast gun nearly finished!


I am here!You’re here!

I don’t know what it is about Facebook but it makes my flesh crawl. I don’t want to be reminded daily how wrong “they” think the world is, or what they think is better or worse than anything else. I don’t want to know or do I care about opinions on movies, books, music and art being to the contrary of mine. Who asked them anyway? It’s like those guys with the bumper stickers telling what they are for. Must you?

I may tell you here that for me TOS Trek and 2001 are the best…in my opinion but then again why does it matter? And should I judge you because you don’t like something I do like. Heck no.

And what if I tell you I had experiences with the unknown, the so called paranormal? Or for that matter if you do. Is that reason enough to judge you crazy or anyone else and have nothing further to do with them? Know this, many have run away on FB from my suggesting there is more in their experience then they know. I think that was the most disappointing aspect of FB. The “judgementals”.

The news feed was full of hate and vile and know matter how many people I unfollowed it kept popping up. Not a good way to start the day. They should keep their opinions to themselves.

So as soon as I finish writing this there will be no more commentary from me about this kind of topic. It’s boring and you’d rather start your day with hope and imagination! Cool toys being made and played with. Airplanes and Rockets. Robots and space travel. To us these are the things that matter most. I could care less about your politics, and religion. They serve no purpose here.

Only love, joy, and creation can save the world. Ya I know that’s an opinion? But it’s also true.

So that’s what you will find here and if one person tries to post anything else you’ll never be allowed to watch Star Trek again! Or Stars Wars!


Progress on Star Trek Sirius

I have been managing to get a shot a day done. It helps to have to fast machines and two of those 1080 cards to get it done fast. Here are a couple of frame grabs from the USS Drexler debris field shot.


debris field one resizeddebris field 2 resized




“But Something is There” released for free

This is it. The full Pilot. Remember I don’t do formula filmmaking. I didn’t care if this made money or not. It was from the heart and about a very real experience I have had. Many outsiders have tried to help me not understanding the true nature of this subject. It is not science fiction. It is not horror.

The people that are involved have hailed this film because it is a first ever made by someone that actually experienced “Close Encounters”.

So it’s for a niche and a small one at that. But I have been successful in doing what I have set out to do. And the bad reviews prove it.

And remember. I don’t believe in anything. I’m not a true believer, a truth seeker. But I do “know” something is there.

And do me a favor. Don’t watch this on your bloody phone, ipad or laptop with bad sound. At least use headphones. This is a high end serious professionally made production designed for the larger screen. Thank you.


Getting there


Starting to light it up

Screen is in and the LEDs. Will wire it upo today and flip the switch.




More Laserblast progress

This is sort of shocking after all these years to see this gun back. I still have a few days but the work I did today really made the difference.

August 2018

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