Starchild update

This sucker is so hard to get right! Every picture I have of the original the lighting is different. Good and bad. Good because it brings out values in the sculpture that are hard to see otherwise and bad because it looks like a different sculpt when it’s not. If I had the original here in person this would be a no brainer. So you take your best shot.
Adam Savage and I have been exchanging emails daily, better, worse, better! Much better! To the right, to the left, up, down.
I ended up removing the entire face and placed it on it’s back straight on to me where I could change the lighting to match the pictures I was working from. That helped a bunch.
It’s a oddly proportioned sculpt the original and I have to match it and it goes against all my better instincts but.. I think it’s finally in the ballpark. After all that I placed the head back on the body and angled it correctly to the body which it was not.
Now it’s all rough and unfinished but the correct size and proportions.
So next week I finish, mold and make up a couple. One for Adam, one for me. The whole story and the “How I did it” video’s will be on tested and to my subscribers at Patreon.


1 Response to “Starchild update”

  1. 1 jefftytoo
    October 20, 2017 at 9:49 am

    You’re getting there, Steve—hang in there! Maybe get Keir Dullea to send you some of his baby pictures. LOL!


    Sent from my iPhone aboard Seaview


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