Great week!

What a great week! Lots of progress and few snags.

George is smoking on the Giant’s torso. Yeah I know I laid it all up but he has been doing a fine and hard job of preening. Finishing off all the small details and getting it finished enough to mold and it nearly is. I am just stoked!

I did the teeth molds on for the Moonwatcher project, started the ears and got another hour of sculpting in on the Star Child at the very end of the day.

The other great thing that happened this week was a meeting with Isaac. We went over the entire edit of “But Something is There”. It looks great and we made lots of notes and came up with some great things to finish. Isaac is editing on until we get the next cut. I’m hoping next week and this brings us to the score Tomas Martin is doing. And we just got the opening credits score from him and its awesome! Soon we will be finished.

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