And more progress

More progress at the studio yesterday. You’ll find the pics you see somewhat confusing but it will all make better sense after todays next steps.
I opened the underskull mold and laid up an epoxy fiber glass underskull that I will pull out this morning. I’ll cut the jaw line and hinge it. Cut out the eye area and attach this to the skull cap.
Also I made up a skull cap and I padded my life cast with clay so I have room to add padding to the inside for greater comfort. My Gorilla heads in the past didn’t have this and it was a bit painful over the long days of shooting TV commercials.
Giselle and I started the gums for the eventual teeth I will mold today. I will also sculpt and mold a tong.
And George is closing on the finish of the torso master for the “Iron Giant” It is our hope to mold the torso next week and move on to the waist, arms and legs. It was a busy and successful day!


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