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SNG Visitors and fun

Had a great visit last Monday from Tony Hardy and his gang. The Gang was, Mike Scott who is a incredible prop maker, Eric Chu ( and we all know Eric right Ken?), and James Lechner(thanks for the pictures James!).

These guys were in town visiting all crazy guys that do the the things they love and I was lucky enough to be on the itinerary.

We all had a fun day talking shop. Mike Scott brought his 2001 helmet to torture me. He was kind enough to add me to the list to own one.

That’s Mike Scott with my LeMat revolver from Westworld. I enjoyed sharing it with him. Not a prop you see everyday. Thanks so much guys for the fun!!! And Eric thanks for the BSG poster!


“But Something is There” the Book

Many of you know about our TV series, “But Something is There.” We at SNG Studios produced an hour long pilot for the series. It is based on my real life encounters with the unknown.

Whitley Strieber coined the term “the Visitors” for lack of a better description of a non-human intelligence that millions of people are interacting with and have been for a very long time.

I have never liked the term aliens because we don’t know that they are aliens or from where they come. Their point of origin is unknown. At this point in my life it doesn’t matter anymore, as all intelligences and life forms are connected. We tend to want to explain things and give a sense of order and location to everything we experience. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that we find ourselves. That we know ourselves.

We are amazing beings and when we perceive this vast universe we sometimes feel fear. We may feel small and insignificant; but nothing could be further from the truth. We are this universe, we are born from it and there are no limits to the size of consciousness we possess.

My experiences with the visitors has forever changed me, connected me and separated me from the self-imposed reality of our culture.  This culture separates us from the very stars from which we are born. A reality that asks you not to ask questions, to look down and not up.

In this book I tell my story from my first memories to the present, where the journey still continues. It is honest and told as it happened.

At age 65 I still don’t know why this has been happening or who the visitors are. However, I do have an idea as I express in conclusion in the book.

I want to thank everyone who has helped with this book. Thank you to the love of my life, Mary Cacciapaglia, who has painstakingly edited my writing. A big thank you to Whitley Strieber, for being my friend and always being there to help and support me; thank you Paul Butcher for the lovely cover. Thank you Yvonne Smith for your friendship, support and Forward to my book.

The book will be available in September 2017.

book cover


latest show is up


X-Wing!!! Whew!!!!

Loving this X-wing built. simple, straight forward and fun. More progress on her. Lots to do still.



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