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Beyond Communion Comics lost art

It was back in 95 I met Martin Powell. He is a distinguished successful comic book writer. He had a deep interest in the Visitor experience and wanted to create a Communion comic book based on Whitley Strieber’s work.

We set about making up two prototype mock-ups to shop to Caliber Comics if me memory serves me well.

For the first one Martin wrote a story based on some he knew who had an experience. I did all the art work in colored pencil, and my late with Gilly did the lettering.

I recently found the original artwork I thought was lost. It was in a binder well protected for the last 20 years or more. I also found the actual comics that later went into print. I found a few of them. Maybe 10. I’m thinking of having Whitley and I sign them and offering them to collectors.

Notice the ad for Dreamland effects my old company.

I’m so glad I found this little part of history. I believe somewhere I have the second prototype too which was all black and white.

Enjoy and have joy.


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Getting things done and started

I have come to the end of all client jobs and it has taken a few months. Now it’s full time film making and finishing the “But Something is There” pilot.

I will continue to build and make things for myself and if anyone wants one too…well we can work something out I’m sure.  My main pursuit is to make a feature film or two next.

One script is done and is being shopped and the other is currently being written. I’m taking my laptop with me on my vacation on a big boat to write between the lines.

I did this week get Daren R. Dochterman ears all made. And the Deadpool mold for the under part of the fabric mask done.

So now it’s on to the X-Wing…Yah! and starting the Star Child and Moonwatcher. My life mask is ready and we are starting the armature to sculpt the Star Child on. Fun! Fun!


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