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Moonwatcher begins

It took a better part of the day to make a life mask off my life mask needed to sculpt Moonwatcher. Once I had all that done I spent 45 minutes to rough, and I mean rough out the start of the sculpture for the eventual skin.

Good progress though and thanks to George Daher for helping and for getting the clay!

Picture of Stuart Freeborn sculpting the original for 2001. For those of you not familiar with Stuart you should be! He made the originals, Yoda, and Chewie for starters. And great hero of makeup effects and prosthetic makeup.


Ve Neill and me

This is me and one sexy, smart, talented lady. Ve Neill. This was about 1978 and we just got through working together on “Laser Blast”, “Star Trek the Motion Picture” and a slew of other films that helped launch here fantastic career.

This was a test makeup I designed and on this day we tested the makeup on me. The movie was called, “Battle Beyond the Stars.”

Even after Ve and I parted we worked together. She was always there wanting to apply the make-ups for the tests and if she could on the set of shows I was contracted to do the creatures and prosthetic makeups for.

A lot of you don’t realize that she can illustrate and sculpt but she never had an interest to do the lab work. Any lab jockey can make a good prosthetic, but not everyone has the talent to to apply it to an actors face so well you’d believe it was real.

Ve could take a shitty piece with bad blender edges and completely save it. And if an edge dared to show she’d blend it away with here incredible ability to highlight, shadow, and color it away so the camera never saw it.

As Rick Baker would say (and did in my presents), “God, she could blend a dime.”

I am so blessed to have her as a friend to this day.


Ve and me


Beyond Communion Comics lost art

It was back in 95 I met Martin Powell. He is a distinguished successful comic book writer. He had a deep interest in the Visitor experience and wanted to create a Communion comic book based on Whitley Strieber’s work.

We set about making up two prototype mock-ups to shop to Caliber Comics if me memory serves me well.

For the first one Martin wrote a story based on some he knew who had an experience. I did all the art work in colored pencil, and my late with Gilly did the lettering.

I recently found the original artwork I thought was lost. It was in a binder well protected for the last 20 years or more. I also found the actual comics that later went into print. I found a few of them. Maybe 10. I’m thinking of having Whitley and I sign them and offering them to collectors.

Notice the ad for Dreamland effects my old company.

I’m so glad I found this little part of history. I believe somewhere I have the second prototype too which was all black and white.

Enjoy and have joy.


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Getting things done and started

I have come to the end of all client jobs and it has taken a few months. Now it’s full time film making and finishing the “But Something is There” pilot.

I will continue to build and make things for myself and if anyone wants one too…well we can work something out I’m sure.  My main pursuit is to make a feature film or two next.

One script is done and is being shopped and the other is currently being written. I’m taking my laptop with me on my vacation on a big boat to write between the lines.

I did this week get Daren R. Dochterman ears all made. And the Deadpool mold for the under part of the fabric mask done.

So now it’s on to the X-Wing…Yah! and starting the Star Child and Moonwatcher. My life mask is ready and we are starting the armature to sculpt the Star Child on. Fun! Fun!



New Projects Star Child

And we are also going to make the Star Child from 2001. And exact replica. I have always wanted them for my 2001 collection.

Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" - The Starchild


New projects

And the reason I finishing Deadpool right now with everything that’s going on is…I need my life mask to sculpt something else. Moon Watcher from 2001. The real deal. A replica with lip and jaw movement.




The latest

Deadpool mold getting done at long last. Keep in mind this is being made so it can be used as the under padding and shape for the eventual fabric.
Parts of it will be cut away around the jaw and mouth, The fabric allows me to breathe. In addition to that another casting gets pulled from this mold of just the eyes and later they get vacuum formed just like the original.
I’m also going to make the eye sections in silicone to see it they might not move a bit with my face.
Was shopping yesterday and Mary found me a new very important super awesome and cool “Deadpool” watch. The previous one got damaged and the second hand came off from beating up all those bad guys on my naughty list. Or maybe it was from changing in that out of place phone booth. Cramped in there. Well got to got there’ Cherry Garcia waiting for me!


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