I’ve been busy

I have been doing jobs I can’t share here for a medical device company. Pointed ears which I have been told repeatedly that I show this too often despite the fact I explained that I’m using all new materials and techniques to make them.

The main drive has been finishing our TV Pilot to take to market. There has been a huge lack of interest by my followers even resistance because I don’t sit on video building Star Trek models.

Star Trek models that fail to draw any kind of income since the demise of their worth being devalued by builders charging too little. In so many cases for the cost of materials and the bragging rights.

This is all fine and fair. People can do what they want and have every right to do it. But it doesn’t work for us. It isn’t cost effective and we can’t make a profit.

Our studio is a business as much as we are creatively passionate we have to do projects that support the studio.

We still get called from time to time for builds by clients that know there worth. When we do we make the models.

Additionally I love building models just for myself. And will continue to do so when time allows. And of course I will share with you on video as always. I will be back to the “Iron Giant” soon. Hang in there.

We so much appreciate your support and watching what we do at the studio but the TV pilot had to take the front position. We have spent a lot of our time and money to make it. It is nearly finished.

We have a new website for the TV pilot: http://www.butsomethingisthere.net it’s our hope you will visit the sight and enjoy it as we close the first episode.

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