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Small update

been working on the TV pilot so much not much is getting done on anything else. A little bit more on the giant and some racing on the sim.

Back to the robot a bit more tomorrow.  Oh and Rosie after a long session of playing ball.


More progress on the big guy

Trying to get this torso done this week.



Iron Giant really coming along


Article on me…



“But something is there”updates


We are closing on the finish of this hour long dramatic TV series pilot.

This is not a docudrama.





More on the Giant and I found a painting

Poured another head from my molds. Lathed the neck base ring for the Giant using two part resin and my wood lathe. Came out very well. Will be able to finalize the torso soon and primer it.
The painting I dug up from my closet. This was done in 1985. I hung it up in my edit bay. Still has a hole in it and frame damage from the 94 earthquake.



Iron Giant progress

Got to work on the Iron Giant a bit more today.
     Working out any of this geometry without the ad of plans or a good 3 view has been challenging to say the very least.  Best you can do is guess , fit and compare and then mirror the opposite side after many test fits. Slowly but surely things start to make sense even though they can be a bit off only I will see it and I have learned to live with that after all these years.
     Making the 6 inch Enterprise was child’s play by comparison. I had the best plans for that. And Doug Drexler. Really. But what’s a project or life for that matter without a great challenge?
     So getting the inset in the chest and neck area has been a bear but finally it’s falling into place. Lucky for me the rest of the body-legs-arms- waist are a breeze. The head was too but the chest or torso has been a hard one.
     I also got my decal sheet for the B-29 with her new Lady Luck nose art. The small minion was my dear friend Dave Welch avatar. It is going to be placed on my Skip Jack and Seaview as both boats have his water tight compartments he built for me.

Back on the “Iron Giant”

After doing VFX yesterday for a few hours I put in a few on the Giant. He’s got his slotted hinge now so the mouth opens both on and axis and on the slot moving up and down same as in the film and as it turns out it’s very practical for full movement.

Started the inside recessed section of the chest. Had to dremel cut away a lot of the sub structure to do this.

I also started on the nacelle masters for the B-29. The original model kit never had the correct inboard engine nacelles to accomidate the landing gear. You can just see the electronic retract inside and the tires will just fit inside like the real plane.

I can now see why the designer did it this way because the gear and tires were to large to fit inside the this wing of the B-29.

Once I have the entire form I’ll make molds and cast them in epoxy glass.




Busy Studio…refitting my B-29

Working on a lot of different things at the studio. VFX and post production for the TV pilot.
I just finished the British WW1 radio controlled submarine for a client.

I’m refitting my 15 year old 83 inch span radio controlled B-29. I’m making new engine cowls, replacing old decals and adding retractable landing gear. New electronics too. She has flown for so many years she deserves it.
I also got my 93 inch span 1930s Berman glider ready for her maiden flight after being a hanger queen for well over a year now.
Today I get back to “Iron Giant”.



Back to the Pilot…and

Now that I have finished all those submarines it’s full time on our pilot. I have so many effects and post production duties to perform if you aren’t into film making then you’ll be bored. But don’t worry I have some model builds coming up. 😉 These will be done in between the lines though.

Just started adding futuristic buildings and landscape items to our footage we shot in Ojai. This is just a huge dome structure and it’s not processed but it will give you an idea. Later today it will become more elaborate.

Getting ready to test fly my scale German 30s glider on the slope. It has a 93 inch wingspan.

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