So it’s been awhile…

I have been busy on a customers build of another WW1 submarine. It’s radio controlled and you can follow along with all the exploits of it’s construction here: http://subcommittee.com/forum/showthread.php?37025-OTW-R-Class-R-10-build

That’s the Subcommittee, one of the oldest groups for radio controlled submarines and I have been a member for a very long time now.

In addition we are now in real deep post production on: http://www.butsomethingisthere.wordpress.com I know it’s not a model or and creature but really? I have always been a film maker first. This is important to me and Mary. We will sell this. It will become a series and employ people giving them…that’s right! Jobs.

It will also bring me more income and thus more toys that I will continues to build, fly, sail, and sink. So it’s all good. And I am writing the book version of, “But Something is There”. This will be illustrated by Paul butcher. A forward by Whitley Strieber.

Then there’s a feature film project in the making. A animated film. And it will be quite controversial I’m sure because the story addresses Emergent Truth, the love of science and exploring space which is so vital to our survival as a species. And its aimed at kids although you big kids will like it too. More on that later.

So we are a busy place and it’s my hope that the films will educate, and  inspire dreams that will one day become a reality making a better world for us all. It’s my way of doing something rather than complaining.

The people that got us to the Moon and more were inspired by dreams, imagination, movies, and TV series like Stat Trek. Can’t build a rocket to get us to Mars? Then inspire someone who can with your imagination and they get us to Mars!

Here’s what I posted on the SC about the last sub build and some pictures:

So lets call her finished aside from the missing sanctions for the railings which I will get from Bob. But she is all tested and running. Foam and ballast in at my best guess and from balancing at the CG. But I am after all these years getting good at guessing.

Next week she goes to the Doctors house in Ojai for pool trimming and testing and she’s a done deal. The new 3.5 inch cylinder from OTW works great! Tested her in my fish tank, no leaks and the new pumps are much faster at putting water in and out of the ballast tank. I also like the new neoprene tubing they are using for the intake and out take of water it is much easier to install when taking the cylinder apart.

Looking forward to playing next week in the pool! I’ll also be testing and re trimming my 66 inch Disney Nautilus with a new cylinder in her as well. Video to follow.



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