The latest at SNG…

Was a busy week and a busy weekend.

The sub is finished except for BigDave’s avatar being placed on the hull in his memory. She trimmed out perfectly as the pictures show. Later tonight there will be video on our show of the trimming process.

This weekend was the FUN Fly Electric RC planes event put on by my dear friend Tony Naccaratto. It was a perfect day of flying all kinds of war birds, jets and civilian aircraft.

And gentelman there named Mike Gaasch took these wonderful inflight pictures of my 15 year old B-29 which originally flew at one of Tony’s events and came from his Hobby store back in 2004. Now closed. Mike took some great shots of this old girl Lady Luck and she always has been to. Just after this flight the speed control which was the original ESC failed once I taxied back to the pits. It glitched the system so badly it trash an aileron servo breaking its gears. If this had happened in flight the plane would have been lost. She is a lucky girl indeed. I plan to refit her with new equipment, new decals and make her all clean again for more years of flying. I also flew my Beaver, Habu and Me 262. All performed well and had many flights.

What a great week!

Be sure to click on the pictures for larger images.


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