We finished Shooting the Pilot

It took almost a year but we did it. We are finished shooting the pilot.

Yesterday we had our last shoot in Ojai at the lovely home of Dr. Chris Landon and his wife Robin who we thank so much for their kindness and hospitality!

The location behind their house was perfect for the scene we shot which is the very opening of the show before the title sequence.

I want to thank the entire crew for all they have done. Never have I had a more dedicated and professional group of talented people to work with in my entire very long career. I love all of you with all my heart!

Mary Cacciapaglia Paul Gentry John Catalano John Catalano Jr. Issac Blair

Tim Oglesbee John O’Leary Paulina Henao Giselle Arzola Paul Butcher

Whitley Strieber Robb Wolford Jeff Bond Logan Bond Tammy Klein Scott Mark

Glenn Campbell David Alan Graf Kim Roesenbrock Yvonne Smith

Brent and Tonya Owl Bear April Malloy Peter Fox Julie Norin Fox Steve Altman

Sharon Uhlig Antonia Henderson Dr. Chris Landon Robin Landon

David Munowhich Emily Habib Jena Ware Jim wolf Lorena Reyes

Nathan Bjomberg Sameria Mazon Ve Neill Tomas Martin Brad Hoplock


If you aren’t familiar with this project go here: http://www.butsomethingisthere.wordpress.com


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