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Been awhile but here’s an update

Been so busy at the studio it’s hard to post. I have been working a bunch on the Revell skipjack with hopes of having it completed by the next Regatta on the 15 of April. I’m doing well. Got the water tight cylinder nearly completed complete with ballast system which I made myself. Servos all in. Control surfaces all hooked up. Made a mold off their supplied scale prop and produced my own out of two part polyurethane resin.

Most if the hard stuff is done and I’m awaiting the delivery of a ESC or electronic speed control that controls the engine’s forward and backwards throttle.

So next I’m moving on to drilling drains and putting the raining plastic parts together and painting the boat.

Nice thing about this model is I can trim and balance it in that big fish tank (we call it a test tank) and it will be ready for action when I take it to the lake.

These larger display models are a great and inexpensive way to make a nice RC submarine. They convert well especially at this size.

I wrote this on the subcommittee website. Great place to learn about radio controlled submarines.

I made the pump controller setup yesterday. I need to remove it from the cylinder so you can have a better look later today but it works like a clock and didn’t take much time to make. Simple tire valve, a 12 dollar servo, 50 cent micro switch, some styrene, fuel tubing and one of Bob’s 18 dollar pumps from Nautilus Drydocks and we are in business. Thanks as always goes to BigDave who taught me all this in the first place.


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