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Thursday update

Thursday update. Both subs were tested yesterday and it went very well for both. No leaks. Both dived well. The Valiant ran fast and I could turn inside the pool and make circles it turned so well.

The Valiant was a first trim and my guess work of Lead to foam was very close. A few adjustments and I had a scale freeboard. Once under water it was different and she hung her stern. I added more weight the the bow which improved the keel. She tend to lean over under power before I did. After that she sat a bit lower on the surface but tracked better and had a perfect 0 bubble or level submerged.

Extended rudders on the X Craft allowed it to turn. Not as well as the Valiant but a huge improvement over the last run we had.

Ojai was beautiful as always but even more so after all the rain. It was in the low 80s. Hot for Mary and me. None the less enjoyable warm sunshine and county side and lovely environment for testing subs. Best part is it’s only 30 minutes from SNG Studio.

Video soon on the boats running.

The TA-183 continues its slow build on the fuselage. It’s fun doing this. I haven’t scratch built a model plane using this technique in some years now.

I do plan to build a large scratch build of a German WW2 jet later this year. This will have a master created for it and a hard epoxy fiberglass mold like the ones I did in the past.

Things continue on the show(But Something is There). Editing and post production effects. Work on Deadpool continues and next week I will start the last contract build of yet another submarine.

The Cycle karts will commence as soon as we get the frame materials. Probably next week.

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