Friday wrap up

Lots of stuff done around the studio mainly cleaning to the bay and offices. Then a little bit of working putting together my Huckebein TA-183, Midget and taking over the Cyclekart parts to my friends auto shop “Radical Auto sports” where we will be building the chassis for both cars. Manuel Rodriquez is just within walking distance. a good friend and one hell of a Gear head who wants to help us with his unlimited resources to build full size cars let alone these little cars.

Some pictures of Giselle’s mold. she did a great job. And Paulina’s prosthetic for our shooting on the 1st. Hard to see all the details in this unpainted translucent silicone piece.

Next is to clean upstairs. Subs are ready for testing next week at the Doctors pool. Many smaller airplanes I can fly up here in Ventura without needing a runway. Most all ready to fly and have been flown many times. And this is just some of them.

Monday back to our Robot and a lot of other cool stuff. Video later in the week. We haven’t had a lot of new things to show lately thus the absences of our show but it will return.

PS Deadpool has been changed again. Thanks Samira!



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