The week so far…

This week so far at SNG has been a lot of the same things. I did however finish the formula slot car. No small feet even though it is quite small.

I have been finishing off small details on the Valiant submarine. It will test in the pool Monday and it is finished.

We are re working Deadpool after I found a number of inaccuracies. So he’s still away from being done. After that I start the gloves and boots all of which need to be sculpted and molded.

Giselle finished the baby mold. Patched it and it’s ready to make a casting form today.

Paulina’s prosthetic came out rather perfectly from the mold. Pictures tomorrow.

I started a new small lightweight electric RC jet build of the TA-183 from WW2. I will go into more detail later o this.

And lastly slowly I started building the midget racer kit.

Progress has started on the Cyclekarts. The Doctor whom I’m building these with came by yesterday in his wonderful Morgan. A street legal Cyclekart of its own. Amazing.

More on the Friday wrap up tomorrow.


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