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Friday Wrap up and another Birthday

Not much to report for Friday. Had trouble with the practical puppet grey and have abandoned it in favor of a CGI model. Casting failed to release properly from the mold. Difference was the mold was 1630 urethane and latex does not release well from it as it does from stone molds. To have repaired the mold and recast would have been more costly and time consuming then it was worth. This often makes a good chase for CGI over practical.Moving on.

To lick my wounds from the disappointment I worked on my scratch built Slot Car. I got lots done on the suspension bits. Even things out a bit. cut away parts of the body. Got the body to fit the frame perfectly and added the screw downs to hold it fast to the frame.

Shes ready to add the windshield too next, the exhaust pipes and mirrors. For the screen over the intakes I have on the way some very fine stainless steel screens used for pipes that I will form to fit.

And last but not least I made it around our Star (that’s the sun to those who don’t know our Sun is a star) 65 times. A real miracle considering my Hollywood days of long ago.

I’m off to play Battle field One, Battle Front (Star Wars Sim) and DCS, a flight sim for WW2 Aircraft. And a bit of slot car action as its all indoors today. Raining cats and dogs outside, cold and windy. So my plans to fly RC aircraft are rather deterred!

Best part of my Birthday is being with Mary who I love so very much. And my two dogs. Wonderful, rain or not.


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