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Been awhile but here’s an update

Been so busy at the studio it’s hard to post. I have been working a bunch on the Revell skipjack with hopes of having it completed by the next Regatta on the 15 of April. I’m doing well. Got the water tight cylinder nearly completed complete with ballast system which I made myself. Servos all in. Control surfaces all hooked up. Made a mold off their supplied scale prop and produced my own out of two part polyurethane resin.

Most if the hard stuff is done and I’m awaiting the delivery of a ESC or electronic speed control that controls the engine’s forward and backwards throttle.

So next I’m moving on to drilling drains and putting the raining plastic parts together and painting the boat.

Nice thing about this model is I can trim and balance it in that big fish tank (we call it a test tank) and it will be ready for action when I take it to the lake.

These larger display models are a great and inexpensive way to make a nice RC submarine. They convert well especially at this size.

I wrote this on the subcommittee website. Great place to learn about radio controlled submarines.

I made the pump controller setup yesterday. I need to remove it from the cylinder so you can have a better look later today but it works like a clock and didn’t take much time to make. Simple tire valve, a 12 dollar servo, 50 cent micro switch, some styrene, fuel tubing and one of Bob’s 18 dollar pumps from Nautilus Drydocks and we are in business. Thanks as always goes to BigDave who taught me all this in the first place.



SNG Experience 97


But Something is There Behind the scenes


Thursday update

Thursday update. Both subs were tested yesterday and it went very well for both. No leaks. Both dived well. The Valiant ran fast and I could turn inside the pool and make circles it turned so well.

The Valiant was a first trim and my guess work of Lead to foam was very close. A few adjustments and I had a scale freeboard. Once under water it was different and she hung her stern. I added more weight the the bow which improved the keel. She tend to lean over under power before I did. After that she sat a bit lower on the surface but tracked better and had a perfect 0 bubble or level submerged.

Extended rudders on the X Craft allowed it to turn. Not as well as the Valiant but a huge improvement over the last run we had.

Ojai was beautiful as always but even more so after all the rain. It was in the low 80s. Hot for Mary and me. None the less enjoyable warm sunshine and county side and lovely environment for testing subs. Best part is it’s only 30 minutes from SNG Studio.

Video soon on the boats running.

The TA-183 continues its slow build on the fuselage. It’s fun doing this. I haven’t scratch built a model plane using this technique in some years now.

I do plan to build a large scratch build of a German WW2 jet later this year. This will have a master created for it and a hard epoxy fiberglass mold like the ones I did in the past.

Things continue on the show(But Something is There). Editing and post production effects. Work on Deadpool continues and next week I will start the last contract build of yet another submarine.

The Cycle karts will commence as soon as we get the frame materials. Probably next week.


Moon pictures

These were taken using my iPhone through my 12 inch Dobsonian telescope last night. The scope is pretty new and the weather just hasn’t been cooperating for amateur astronomy but last night I managed to snag these just as the fog started to overtake the sky from me or they would be better.  Not mention the Moon is not at its best when full for detail.

I’ll get better pictures the next quarter. Will be ordering a camera mount for this scope for our SLR Nikon. Be sure to click on the pictures to see the full sized image.



A few more of the…

Cooper on the track I over looked.



Friday wrap up

Lots of stuff done around the studio mainly cleaning to the bay and offices. Then a little bit of working putting together my Huckebein TA-183, Midget and taking over the Cyclekart parts to my friends auto shop “Radical Auto sports” where we will be building the chassis for both cars. Manuel Rodriquez is just within walking distance. a good friend and one hell of a Gear head who wants to help us with his unlimited resources to build full size cars let alone these little cars.

Some pictures of Giselle’s mold. she did a great job. And Paulina’s prosthetic for our shooting on the 1st. Hard to see all the details in this unpainted translucent silicone piece.

Next is to clean upstairs. Subs are ready for testing next week at the Doctors pool. Many smaller airplanes I can fly up here in Ventura without needing a runway. Most all ready to fly and have been flown many times. And this is just some of them.

Monday back to our Robot and a lot of other cool stuff. Video later in the week. We haven’t had a lot of new things to show lately thus the absences of our show but it will return.

PS Deadpool has been changed again. Thanks Samira!



March 2017

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