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How about a post?

So a lot of the same stuff going on at the studio. But progress none the less.

The torso for the Giant has been a tough one. Cut parts, add them, look at the pictures of the model and from the movie, move things to the right, then the left, smaller, larger, change angle. Then you find it looks close in some angles and not others. Back again. And bit by bit it starts to work. A lot Harder then it looks.

Now I have one side and the back shaped. Next I’ll make templates in paper and tape of what I have done, flip it over and mirror the other side. This will go fast now that I’ve figured out all the geometry.

Thankfully the legs and arms are a breeze compared to what I just did.

Isaac and I have been working hard on the animation and compositing of our lizard. I knew when we shot the scenes a real lizard would have never worked. Fortunately the CGI I did and Isaac’s composites and Matt work are outstanding to sell the lizard as real. Everyone will just figure it was a real lizard and never appreciate the hard work we are doing.

Like much of the pilot there are live action scenes riddled with CGI changing the landscape, buildings and sky to name a few. But you will just think it was part of the locations we shot in.

Thats what always gripes me about the CGI haters that say “they can always tell”, when more then half the time they are being had and never knew it. 😄

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