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Torsos, strange babies, and Deadpool

Today was a lot of fun. I animated the first scene with the lizard. Now Isaac can composite it into the boys hands.

Then I set off to start that torso for the Giant. It was a bit of a head scratcher at first. There are not any three views on the net of our guy. So I had to use three views of the toy and extrapolate. Don’t worry because toy, according to the film director, and Adam Savage, is accurate. Adam told me this himself.

I enlarged the front view and side view to scale and made templates I printed out. I attached them to MDS board and cut them out with a Jig saw.

I put the front view ad side view together and had my base. The hard part was getting from the pictures, and front view, the right templates for the actual sections of the three dimensional pieces.

What I did is use this thick card board on a roll from Lowes and draw out the sections and trail fit. Each time I did this I got closer until I hit the mark.

I’ll continue this tomorrow until I have all the sections. Then I’ll use the card board templates to cut styrene plastic and shape the torso. It’s going to work and it’s sculpting in hard materials, not clay.

Sameria and Giselle both worked on my sculptures today making them better and better.

To mold the torso it’s going to take a lot of silicone!$$$


And if I can remind you…click on the montage to see the full sized pictures. 😉





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