Slot car track moved

Spent the entire weekend with Mary clearing out the back office at our home to make room for my unfinished,rather beat up slot car track. It 1/32 scale. Thanks to my friend Karl Soto this was possible because he has a boat trailer. We went to the studio and loaded the track on. That was the easy part. Turning on its side to get through the doors at my home was the scary part and didn’t end so well. Parts fell off and and entire section of track came away.

The first time we got it in the small narrow back room it was fine. Then I realized it was facing the wrong way! Doh! The power and controller station was against the wall. So we took it out of the room again into the backyard to turn it around and that’s when the track got hit by an earth quake (as Karl called it). We got it back in the right way and I fixed the damage.

I say unfinished and beat up because it sat at the studio in the bay for nearly three years. I used it from time to time but never really finished it. Now I can. Plus the dust on the track and corrosion was bad. That part is fixed and the cars are running fast again.

Now to added more terrain, track lights for night racing and more scenery. Paint those Immense Minature figures into from Marc Tyler and more.

Anyone living in Ventura who is a slot racer contact me for a race on my track. SNG Racewaynis back!

I have yet to find anyone here (Ventura) that into RC boats, RC planes, rockets, RC submarines, RC tanks, or likes slot cars. Fortunately I did meet Jenna here who likes full sized airplanes and astronomy. 😊


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