Friday fun!

It was kinda of a laid back day at the studio today. Isaac came in and got the Yamaha keyboard working for me and set up to one of my computers so I can record music I keep hearing for our TV pilot. Much better than whistling on the iPhone which I did for the shows theme. Now I can send Tommie something more intelligible.

Gisell and Sameria came in and worked more on the sculptures both Deadpool and the baby.

And I worked hard on getting the first casting of the “Iron Giant” head to a finished look. For now anyway. Basic lighting of the eyes but later they can be turned from blue to red to the warm color you see here. In addition he will be able to move his jaw and neck.

Koby I will call you tomorrow about your idea. Today just got away from me trying to get this head preened up, lighted and painted.

I even got the neck made. It’s made of soft foam with PVC neck rings. It’s very flexible and next week will have a spine in the middle operated my 3 servos for movement.



2 Responses to “Friday fun!”

  1. 1 Lou Dalmaso
    February 4, 2017 at 4:59 am

    OK,I definitely want a IG head!I’m sure the rest will be equally jaw dropping cheers,Lou

    • February 4, 2017 at 9:51 am

      Lou thanks for the kind comment.You have no idea what you just said as that jaw is a dropper it weights a ton. And it’s so strong with glass and 1630 you could beat a man to death with it.LOL

      The next one will be hallow. The head is super light weight.

      Next I’m starting on the torso!

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