SNG progress

We made lots of progress yesterday on many things. First I got a jaw cast up for the “Iron Giant.” As typical with a first run I had a few dips and air pockets in the jaw and the head. But Conda, and Gisell and I worked on the bad stops with Evercoat putty and he’s nice and smooth again.

Gisell went back over the mold afterwords and found where the problem areas were in the mold which turned out to be debris lodged between the silicone jacket and the mother mold. Fixed.

I then had a meeting with Dr. Chris Landon about building two cycles karts. We plan to start ASAP and started reviewing the various parts and their locations for purchase. I’m making lists and contacting the suppliers. Was up to 11pm researching and making lists. This is serious folks.

It’s our hope to get the materials we need next week and start making the chassis. I’m very excited to build my own race car! I’ll be helping the doctor build his too so it’s double the work and fun! Thanks Doc!

Got the slot car body to fit down tighter to the frame as I had forgotten to grind down the motor mount to be more inline with the motor itself and bingo. Good fit.

In addition I took one of the castings from the first silicone mold for the body and sculpted a windshield. Then I cast a waste mold in alginate and directly cast 1630 two part polyurathane plastic into it. This gave me a nice hard buck I could sand and point up more easily then soft clay.

Next I got out the old Mattel vacuum form and pulled a test windshield. It worked out very well.

Also I took one of Marc Tyler’s (Immense Minatures)beautiful drivers and got him to fit with ease. A little trimming and in he went.

Pictured are many of the bits and molds it has taken to reach this point. It doesn’t matter how large or small a project is it always takes many steps to accomplish the goal.

Today it’s back to submarines and strange little babies along with Deadpool. The best of all worlds eh? 🙂




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