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Monday fun at SNG

Intesting day. The doctor dropped our first batch parts for the Cyclekarts and they are so nice I can’t wait to start the frames next.

I worked on the sub all day and the best I could do is redefine the details lost in the heavy amount of filling and sanding. With a bright light the details popped and I used a colored pencil and outlined them. Now I can weather and airbrush a paint job with highlight and shadow. This is my favorite part. Tomorrow she should be finished.

Worked on my little RC SE 5 biplane a bit more and got the radio gear in. She’s ready for a test flight.

Koby had a great idea for the Giant’s eyes and that is to use LCD screens with and animation that can change his eye color and change the eyelids in expression.



Friday wrap up cold week

The week was slow and cold. Never getting much over 55 in our bay made it a challenge  to paint anything. Finally on Friday the humidity dropped to normal and I was able to smooth preen the sub to a car body smoothness. Finally it’s ready for the weathering job and it’s finished.

Robot has been on hold while I fix every scratch and blend every part to the hull on the sub. It took all week.

Sameria and Giselle have nearly finished their sculpts so next week we mold them.

I got a new midget racer kit, (these have been out of print for 10 years)something I wanted as a kid but unfortunately before I could realize that dream by dad was killed. He had planned to get me started in midgets back in the 60s. So with this kit I plan to make a mold on the body and make a one piece slot car body. Then I’m going to build this great kit, trailer and all, for static display.

And I just about finished my ME 262 paint job. It bit bright in color but it will fade in time just like the real ones.

Next week no rain in the forcast and it warms up a bit. Looking forward to getting back to the Giant.

And oh yes! Our parts to build the Cyclekarts has arrived! I will show you all next week and another treat thanks to the wonderful Doctor Chris Landon!



Steady as she goes

Not much new to report. Working on molds for our TV pilot. Paulina’s first 1630 mold came out perfect. Giselle and I are about to mold the baby. I have been working on the sub for my client and I hope to do the real paint job today now that I have preened it to death all the small scratches and deformities.

And while I wait for putty to dry on the sub I have taken up some restorative work on my large ME 262. I have had this WW2 jet now for 4 years. She’s been a great flyer but I never liked the paint job it came with. That and some hanger rash I needed  to fix prompted me to repaint or at least improve on what they had. I just started but it’s looking better already.

Rosie is a smart dog and discovered the bean bag chairs. Talk about a CD (comfortable dog)!


Tuesday at the studio

Paulina got to make her first 1630 mold today. No more plaster or ultracal 30 with the mess, weight and other failings of using jypsum products. Needless to say she loved it and it makes it easy and fast to make a long lasting mold that can run any product in it. It is best for silicone prosthetics most of all.

I worked on Steve’s Valiant class submarine and got the masts started and a bit of the weathering started before the day ended.

Giselle is close to finishing our baby which shoots on stage on the 18th of March. After that we only have two days of shooting left and we are done shooting, “But Something is There.”

Isaac was in and worked hard on our edit which he tells me now is up to 50 minutes plus and that’s without the 3 days of shooting we have yet to add. We are in good shape for a very full hour long pilot!


Friday rap up…

It rained very hard. Everyone was crashed out on the bean bag chairs in my show room-edit bay where it’s nice a cozy. But me? I was hard at it in the damp and cold oblivious and absorbed into my Iron Giant. I was hell bent on getting the torso all roughed out.

Last we left off I  finally arrived at a geometric plan that worked for the complicated arm pit and back. It would be a simple task then to mirror the same geometry for the opposite side. It was for the most part but there were little stops along the way. A tweak here and a cheat there but all and all it sorted itself out well I think.

What’s  left is to do the shoulder orbits. I have one out of foam on one side and another out of MDS. The foam seems to be the right thickness.

More on this Monday. Enjoy your weekend.



Concept poster by Paul Butcher

I was searching Google for our show and this came up. I would have never seen it if I hadn’t. I remember well when Paul shOwed me the pencil scetch for this but never the poster.

Wow. He is such a talented artist and I just love this as I do all his art. What a great job Paul! Thank you!



One of my favorites-Friday music video


Continuing on with production…

So there’s this lizard. We never shot with a real lizard because it would have been so problematic we would have been shooting for two days. So the director (that’s I) said those classi…

Source: Continuing on with production…


How about a post?

So a lot of the same stuff going on at the studio. But progress none the less.

The torso for the Giant has been a tough one. Cut parts, add them, look at the pictures of the model and from the movie, move things to the right, then the left, smaller, larger, change angle. Then you find it looks close in some angles and not others. Back again. And bit by bit it starts to work. A lot Harder then it looks.

Now I have one side and the back shaped. Next I’ll make templates in paper and tape of what I have done, flip it over and mirror the other side. This will go fast now that I’ve figured out all the geometry.

Thankfully the legs and arms are a breeze compared to what I just did.

Isaac and I have been working hard on the animation and compositing of our lizard. I knew when we shot the scenes a real lizard would have never worked. Fortunately the CGI I did and Isaac’s composites and Matt work are outstanding to sell the lizard as real. Everyone will just figure it was a real lizard and never appreciate the hard work we are doing.

Like much of the pilot there are live action scenes riddled with CGI changing the landscape, buildings and sky to name a few. But you will just think it was part of the locations we shot in.

Thats what always gripes me about the CGI haters that say “they can always tell”, when more then half the time they are being had and never knew it. 😄


SNG Experience 94 is up!

February 2017

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