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Another Hobby?!

That’s right. Like I need it. But this a childhood thing. I never got that midget racer my dad was going to build me. He died in a car accident when I was 13 and that was the end of that dream until now. I found the Cyclekart hobby.

So I’m going to build three cars with my with Doctor Chris Landon who I recently infected with this bug. One for him, one for me and Mary wants one too!

Basically its a go-kart that looks like a 1930’s racer. One seat. They aren’t very fast so no one gets killed. Inexpensive to build. It’s a new growing hobby and these guys have races and events.

You get all the parts and make a running chassis from scratch. Then the real fun begins. Make a 2/3 scale body of a famous racer.

I recently joined this group of kids where if you are interested you get addicted to building your own race car.

Bottom line is…this is a big model! And you can put your butt in this model and drive it!

More to come on this as the Doctor and I have an important meeting Tuesday at the studio to make this dream happen! In my spare time…LOL!






Last day of the week Friday

Another fun packed busy day at the studio. Listening to Rammstein provided by Samira we made  molds, sculpted babies, Deadpool and I worked on the Formula car a bit too.

I made the silicone of the formula car body I scratch built so that means cast bodies next week.

Added lots of suspension bits to the chassis. Intakes, which during test I see I bent a bit.

I also finished off the “Iron Giant” head molds so that means castings from the molds next week too!

Samira is doing a great job on finishing my Deadpool sculpt. Great day, great week.

Oh and I tested the formula car chassis on the track again, smooth and fast! See the blur.


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