Getting ready for a Regatta

We have a Regatta coming up and I decided to take my largest sub out for the first time in years. Matt Thor sent me this hull (and that was all it was ) back in 2009.

It was a mess and had been stowed away for years in the rafters of an old garage. Slowly over a few months I built and scratch built much of what you see here. All the internals are old school water tight boxes because at the time my funds were tight and I had to work with what I had.

My dear friend BigDave designed the ballast system which uses RCABS and a low pressure snort system. He got everything to work off of a 4 channel radio too!

The first tests in my pool were exstrodinary. It worked perfect the first time.

When my late wife became ill it was neglected for years. From time to time I’d just run the system with a battery and check the seals.

This week I checked and there was no power to the ESC. She was dead Jim. So I opened up the compartment and found that connectors inside had corroded. Fixed that and she’s back online. Everything works again like a clock. Now to chase the few air pressure leaks I found with silicone and she’s ready to go.

Out of all the subs I wanted the VIIC or Type 7, a large Type 7 was always the most desired and the one I wanted the most.





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