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Robots and formula cars

The SNG Experience would had been up this morning but somehow didn’t reach my portable drive even though I made sure it was there before I left the studio last night. I always bring it home to upload, it’s faster. At the studio upload speeds are poor. Now I’ll have to upload it from work so it won’t be here until tonight. 20 minutes to upload at home, 4 hours at work. Sucks.

Got the first Giant head cast from the mold yesterday. Came out very well. Will do the jaw this morning. Then finish it off, make the neck and light him up. I plan to place servos to move the jaw as well.

The slot car body got cast up from the mold it also came out quite well. It’s very tight getting it to fit the chassis but it’s fitting. Chris Wright warned me this might happen but with some drilling out with the old dremel tool it’s fitting and it runs the track without rubbing. Today I’ll get the windshield plug started. Maybe even get a windshield vacuum formed. Good start to new week!

BTW Mary I have been enjoying more the telescope. It’s colliminated and the Orion Nebula is spectacular even from our Port Hueneme backyard. Can’t wait to get to 9 thousand foot and the dark skies!



Another Hobby?!

That’s right. Like I need it. But this a childhood thing. I never got that midget racer my dad was going to build me. He died in a car accident when I was 13 and that was the end of that dream until now. I found the Cyclekart hobby.

So I’m going to build three cars with my with Doctor Chris Landon who I recently infected with this bug. One for him, one for me and Mary wants one too!

Basically its a go-kart that looks like a 1930’s racer. One seat. They aren’t very fast so no one gets killed. Inexpensive to build. It’s a new growing hobby and these guys have races and events.

You get all the parts and make a running chassis from scratch. Then the real fun begins. Make a 2/3 scale body of a famous racer.

I recently joined this group of kids where if you are interested you get addicted to building your own race car.

Bottom line is…this is a big model! And you can put your butt in this model and drive it!

More to come on this as the Doctor and I have an important meeting Tuesday at the studio to make this dream happen! In my spare time…LOL!






Last day of the week Friday

Another fun packed busy day at the studio. Listening to Rammstein provided by Samira we made  molds, sculpted babies, Deadpool and I worked on the Formula car a bit too.

I made the silicone of the formula car body I scratch built so that means cast bodies next week.

Added lots of suspension bits to the chassis. Intakes, which during test I see I bent a bit.

I also finished off the “Iron Giant” head molds so that means castings from the molds next week too!

Samira is doing a great job on finishing my Deadpool sculpt. Great day, great week.

Oh and I tested the formula car chassis on the track again, smooth and fast! See the blur.




Just a note to my subscribers. I am not a huge fan of Mac products. I have both PC and Mac and find them both equally annoying.

The last post I sent out has spelling errors and typos I watched this iPad do as I write. I type much and it turns it into mush. The word mush. WTF? It caps words that shouldn’t be. Puts periods in odd places and it I don’t proof read I’m screwed.

So the last post in your email box is messed up but if you actually visit and read it from the blog it is corrected…always.


Molds and Deadpool

Got the head mold open for the Iron Giant and the jaw mold first halve opened ready for the second side today.

Got Dedpool back up and off the floor and with the help of Karl Soto and Sameria got it pointed up, balanced and symmetrical . Sometimes it take three eyes on a sculpt like this. Then Sameria took over to start refining. We should finish today which means a mold next week.

The mask mold will produce two items. One a nice display mask for the home or office as it will have the material texture in the clay thanks to Karl’s great idea of using burlap to impress the texture in the clay. We tried it and it worked.

The second item will be a poly foam casting that will have much of the face area cut away and the entire thing covered with the actual fabric.

In addition to that the eye sections will be cut out and re molded in alginate, a positive cast from it in 1630, then tooled as a vacuum form buck to make removeable eye sections as in the originals. They will be cast in clear, painted black and held in with magnets. The eyes will stay clear and covered with White mesh.

An undertaking but the way we like it!


More of the same but pushing on…

it’s a amazing somethings when I think about it. I had almost 2 thousand people following me on Face Book. When I left FB I told everyone come over here.  Maybe 30 did. I guess not being able to talk politics and other distracting to the spirit of being a maker and creator lost their attention. But I sure do appreciate my loyal and consist followers here. Never did like that word, maybe subscribers even friends is better. But thank you all.

But what you get here is happy spirit lifting and I hope inspirational motivation to fight back against the ocean of negativity and hate out there. To create beautiful things that can in fact change the world. Imagine and bring into reality. Or as I say, “imagination is reality before it happens.” The Universe has to have and maintain a balance. It always has and it always will, and it doesn’t care much for those tha try to tip that balance as history will show. And you know what I mean.

A lot of folks probably think I dissapeared or died. But as a great star ship captain once said, “the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”

So more of the same but not the same. Got the Giants jaw mold started. First half poured up.

more work done on the baby although I didn’t get much time yesterday , it’s a bit more refined.

Paulina is back and starting that new prosthetic sculpt for, “But Something is There”.

The Giants head mold is done and we open that today. That’s all for now folks.

P.S. Oh! And we have a new window sign! We had it made in vinyl and exact to Bill Hughes wonderful logo he created for us.


Iron Giants and other things

Giselle helped me all day yesterday on the Giants head mold. We got the second half done. Still left today is to lay up the other half of the 1630 mother mold. That dark grey plastic you see on the mold. It’s the rigid plastic that supports the very flexible silcone rubber RTV.

Also molded the eyes and started the layup on the jaw so we can mold that today in RTV.

I also started another piece for our production, “But Something is There”.  I spent about 20 minutes so far and it’s in a very rough stage of sculpture. Today I’ll be able to carve this clay better to shape as it has set open to air all night which caused this water based clay to dry a bit, enough to make it more manageable .

Great day all around!





Iron Giant head gets a mold

Started on the head mold yesterday. Slow go in the cold it took forever for the RTV to set off. The chunks are old RTV molds I cut up for keys that will lock into the 1630 mother mold I’ll be doing today.

Next I make that mother mold, pull off the clay wall and Vaseline the RTV silicone wall. Pour More silicone and do the same thing followed by another mother mold made out of 1630 two part polyurethane.

The other mold is the TNG Star Trek tricorder face plate. We only have a few parts left to finish the tricorder a molds and small ones at that.


But Something is There Trailer


Formula 1 T73 Cooper progress

As a result of being somewhat unobservent I realized I had soldier the main chassis upside down. So I unsoldier the chassis correcting the mistake. That meant resoldiering everything.

I was able to install the motor, pinion and main gear. Best of all I tested it on my track and she ran most smoothly.

Next up to add all the scale bits to the chassis. Also on Monday I’ll make the body mold and produce a slush cast polyurethane body. I’ve started the windshield form to vacuum form as well. This is a fun project and I thanks Chis Wright of Bear Dog racing for all the help on this!


January 2017

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