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Got this for Christmas

love this! Thanks Cheryl!




Big Enterprise Built this year

I don’t know if I ever posted this on the blog before. It was originally private on YouTube. This was built for a friend in Texas to hang from his ceiling. I later found out that the D was not from the auction but rather from “The Star Trek Experience” which was in Vegas.

This model is now hanging with the D.

This was one of my favorite projects to do this year. We at SNG are most proud of this build.

And once again I want to thank Doug Drexler. Without Doug’s help and support on this scratch build project over 4 years ago now, none of this would be possible.







Good bye 2016 you were a good year!

This year has been an amazing year. So much has been done. More than I ever could have thought possible. But thanks to my many friends, interns, and supporters, impossible things were made possible.

We did everything from making two 66 inch Enterprise models for the “Museum of Science Fiction”, and another for Jerry in Texas that hangs from his ceiling, plus many submarine models and even an 1851 schooner entirely from scratch.

In addition we have built from scratch many creatures and makeup prosthetics for our TV pilot, “But Something is There”. And I have just started the “Iron Giant” project where we will build a 6 foot replica of the giant robot from the film.

We’re so pleased that John O’Leary who interned with us for a little over six months was able to get hired by the studio named “Animal Makers” and pursue his career.

John was amazing when he came to intern for us he wanted to learn makeup effects and creature making. He had never had any experience with these subjects before nor did he know if he had talent in him, but he found out he did. John very quickly learned mold making and did it very well. Then he moved on to sculpting and to his surprise found out he was a very good sculpture. He also learned lab work. John excelled at everything he touched and it allowed him the experience necessary to be hired by major creature building studio. This is what means the most to us. This is why we have the intern program at SNG studios.

So many of the great things happen that the studio I can’t list them all in this write up. I just want to thank everyone who supported us, interned for us, our Patreon subscribers and our YouTube followers. You are the best!

And Dr. Chris Landon! Thank you my dear friend!

Most of all I want to thank Mary. The love of my life, my best friend and the joy that starts my everyday.

Happy New Year to all. I look forward to 2017. A year of great imagination and creation at SNG studios.


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